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On Udana’s blog, I have posted a recording of Solarum’s loving message following the mass shooting in Orlando.
Shared with love:

Conscious Choice for Love – following Orlando


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Serious Concept of Time – link to audio of interaction

Q: About the concept of time… in non-physical there is no time and we have this concept of time in physical. My understanding of this is similar to the forgetting of where we came from and this is all a game…. (Aaron: Yes.) We have to take the whole game seriously in order to expand through the game (Aaron: No. No.) would you say? No?

Aaron: No. (Q: Good!) We would say to you, You do not have to take any of this seriously. Yes.
When you say to us, “We have to take this seriously” we say NO. No. There is nothing serious going on here. There is nothing serious going on here, dear one.
And we know, and you are quite welcome to play with it in a serious fashion, Yes? You are quite welcome to that and there is nothing wrong with that. But we will say IT IS NOT NECESSARY, and we do not say “this is serious.” Yes?
This is a game, dear one! This is Play. This is delight. This is love. And when you allow yourself to feel that it is NECESSARY to be serious, yes the lower energies are where you are going to be hanging out. That seriousness does not necessarily allow in the light as much as the higher vibrations. We would say the serious vibrations, that is putting a weight over yourself, yes? That is the ballast to your balloon. Yes.
So we invite you to play with it if you would like. You may certainly put all the ballast you would like on your balloon and stay grounded whenever you would like – but, it is not necessary and you will have so much more fun when you realize you are here for the fun of it, you are here for the delight of it, you are here to play with time and space and… all of this. You are here for playing with it, dear one. Yes.

Q: I really know this in concept. I don’t want to take it seriously. I know that I do have some big issue about time. Using the word ballast is really good because I do feel like it’s exactly right, beautiful image. The concept of time fills me with weight. I’m not even sure why. One person has a fear of snakes and I have a fear of time. It is something that does drag me down. If you can help me with that.

Aaron: We will say to you that you have come to know time to be the rules of the game that you are playing. Yes? You see it as being the rules of the game you are playing and now that you are interacting with us, we get to let you in on a secret: You can change the rules of the game. You can change the rules of the game to be more delightful to you.
And we will say, yes, you are certainly playing with time because it is in your understanding, it has been your experience, but You Now are in a place, in a state of openness where you can allow yourself to recognize that you have your connection to your spirit self who is Beyond the constructs of time. And this spirit self part of you – it is a part of you, so you are playing together, yes? And you may step more fully into That understanding, that timeless understanding. You may invite your higher self to give you glimpses of the experience of that timelessness. Yes?
You may begin to allow yourself to play games with time. You may allow yourself to play games with inserting memories in your past, creating in your now from your past, creating in your future from your now… You can play with this and we would invite you to allow yourself a sense of play with it and just devise games with your friends, devise games on your own, just see!
“How do I do this? How does this feel? Where am I noticing other people talking about their experiences with timelessness or expanding time and creating more time when they need it?”
Oh, there is so much for you to enjoy in the discovery of this because there is much more possible for you than you have recognized before. And it’s ok, these time rules are rules that were taught to you and you trusted in and so that is what you know. But we are giving you the freedom to go beyond that. There is so much more beyond that and you need not be held by those constructs anymore – anymore than you wish to. Yes? And we will say that very often it gives a sense of balance, it gives a sense of balance to people to play with it. And it can be very unsettling if you let go too much. But you can play with that. You can play with it.

Q: Is there a process you can suggest? Like, uh, that I can try to as an exercise to play with this.

Aaron: Yes. What we are going to invite you to do at first, yes, and if your question continues later we would invite you to come back. But what we are going to invite you to do first is to begin to notice examples around you where others are experiencing a sense of timelessness, or an ability to mold time to fit their experience. Yes? As you are open to this it will begin to show up more for you.
Then we would invite you to also feel and look into your memories for times when you have experienced similarly. Yes? As people begin to share their experiences as you notice it – we will say, there are books, there are movies with these concepts, we want you to begin to notice them and see the possibilities and allow this to be evidence for you that there are other possibilities. This evidence is the building blocks of your belief. So, you are bringing in new evidence from the old evidence that you have already gathered in your life.
You’re bringing in new evidence for the new possibilities, yes? And this will help you greatly. This will set you in the right direction. Yes, as you begin to recognize what is possible these opportunities will begin to pop up for you also. Mm, you will have great fun with this. You will have great fun with this. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Claiming your nature of wellness (audio on YouTube)

Being well is your natural state of being, but through your experience you have taken on many beliefs that are contrary to that. And we wish to say to you that you can claim your nature of wellness. You can redevelop and reform your beliefs in this essential truth.

And so, that is what we wish for you to play with your focus on some, is the finding of the basis and the rebuilding of the knowing of the truth that when you are in alignment with the love that you be, when you are in alignment with the love that you be, all the health issues begin to fritter away in your memory. They will not be so strong a knowing.

You can claim your knowing of your health. And what we wish for you to do is to notice those moments when you are feeling your best, to notice those moments when you are feeling great ease, and to really solidify them – bring them into form with you more strongly. Write about them. Talk about them. Talk about how well you have been feeling in whatever moments you are feeling well. Notice, look for the signs of your More health, Yes? Look for the signs that health is reclaiming you. And we wish for you to notice, pay attention, whatever it is – writing, talking, we would even suggest playing with pictures for yourself – pictures of yourself, pictures of others… whatever it is that helps you to know “Yes, I feel that way.”

And we would even invite you, when you are noticing a physical symptom in a certain part of your body – and your attention has been drawn there to notice it – we invite you to send it love and then we also invite you to scan your body and find a piece of your body that feels Well, that feels At Ease, and place your focus there as much as you can. And even just doing this a little bit – every little bit that you do this will bring more wellness into your being. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will give you the vibration. We will flow the vibration through every cell of your body, that will bring your into resonance with the BEing, the BEing of the vibrational creator that you know is possible. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Vibrational Answering Audio – Listen and Feel

(under 3 minutes)



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Joy of Physical

Q: Aaron, I’m having a ton of resistance around moving my body.
I have adapted greatly the way that I eat and the weight is still sticking. I feel ready for that to be different.

The Joy of having a Physical Body is the response linked here (under 10 minutes)


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We would not speak of it necessarily as a “healing,” we would speak of it as Aligning Energy. And that is what healing truly is – aligning the energy with All-That-Is. All-That-Is is pure love, pure joy. ~Aaron

Audio clip that discusses aligning with desires through playfulness and includes some Aligning energy… Listen In

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Aaron was speaking “once again” about the power of loving yourself…

“And as you let in your own love you will experience this with more and more humans around you.”

The questioner responded that she was still skeptical…

“And that is ok. That gives you reason to move towards it and test it out. See if it’s really true or not. And when you find out that we are telling you the truth – ah-ha-ha!! The FUN! The FUN! Because you will realize how easy it was for you to get there once you let go and let it in. And you will truly have control of your power once you recognize the results that you can get just from loving yourself and having fun!” ~Aaron

You can listen in on this response and hear Aaron’s laughter: Listen In  (30 seconds)

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the Lesson

Enjoy this 3 minute clip from Aaron on “Loving Myself is the Lesson

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