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Re: Ferguson *Yesterday afternoon I was doing a personal connection with Aaron and spent about 9 minutes sharing my questions and intention before I connected with them – and in all that speaking and thinking, there was nothing about Ferguson – but they had a message to share and loving vibration to flow… ~Stephanie Udana

We know also of your desire to spread peace, light, love over all of those who are feeling pained by the situation in Ferguson. We know there are a great many who are feeling pained by this and we know that you feel a sense of connection because of the proximity to this area where you grew up.
Through you we amplify this knowing of the creative and inherent power within each being on your planet. Each one is God. Yes. Each one has this power of divine love, but many have been trained away from the knowing of this. Yes?
Matters not the color of their skin. Beings of any color possible have been trained away. Yes?
We, through you, send out a vibration that we are similarly sending out through others, yes? You are not the only one we send out this vibration through. We are sending out the vibration to activate the cells of any who are open to it, to recognize the divine love that flows through them – the divine love that they BE. Yes. And the power that is inherent with their BEing.
(Powerful silence) There need be no tones with this. You feel the vibration throughout your cells. You see the light. You see the cells of others being activated. You feel the amplification of the love.
You are loved. You are love. You are loved. You are love.
(More Powerful Silence)
Yes, you see the angels that have been placed among them. All is well, dear one. All is well.
More love is coming because of the asking that has come from this. Yes.
More inherent divine love empowerment is coming. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Q: Why don’t I see where the fun is?!

Aa: Because that has not been your primary focus in your life..yes? It has not been a primary focus.
This is not something that most physical beings are raised to: have more fun and to play more.
This is not a belief that is grown into young physical beings. And we would say that it was not grown into you.
And so, at this point, with your recognition and your understanding of the laws of the Universe, you recognize that this is something that you want. You wish to choose this. And so you must begin focus in this way.
And we will say that when you find it difficult to figure it out, “Well, what is fun? What is the playful thing that I could be doing?”, We invite you to go back to the basics and allow yourself to keep lists, and make notice of the Joy Triggers in your life. They need not have anything to do with your business, with your work, we just want you to notice the little things that spark you to feel good, that spark you to feel love, that spark you to joy. Yes? That spark you to feel playful.
So we invite you to begin to notice: What are these things?
Do you enjoy seeing babies laughing?
Do you enjoy seeing certain videos?
Do you enjoy certain animals?
Do you enjoy seeing certain scenes in nature?
Do you enjoy reading certain authors or listening to certain speakers?
Whatever it is – begin to make note. Oh! That felt really good!

And so, you are going to make a list of your Joy Triggers so that you can have it at hand, so that when things begin to feel like maybe you’re having to Try to figure out How to have fun, you can look at your Joy Trigger List and begin to interact and play with those things that you know can bring you a ‘flipping of the switch’ to bring you into that feeling of Joy.
It doesn’t matter how momentary or little it can seem, if you focus on it you allow it to enter into your life more.

So, as you notice what your Joy Triggers are, and you invite them into your life more, your vibration will raise, and in the raising of your vibration you will more easily recognize those things with resonance with that higher vibration where you Be…yes?
And, so, it is truly as simple as Noticing, Keeping a list of your joy triggers, keeping it close at hand. So that when you feel like you are trying to figure out How to have Fun, you will have it close at hand. And it’s not a big fun experience, it’s something to shift your vibration quickly and easily to a vibration that feels good. Yes?

And from this point you will be inspired to bigger things.
We will say to you that your business – you were saying in that you were working So Hard, and getting the same results – WE will say that as you are Playing More and Raising your Vibration to a more Playful Level through the use of your Joy Triggers: your business will increase with greater ease, yes. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!

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Q: How do I find love for toxic people?

Aa: We will say that even the people that you are seeing as the most toxic, their core is one of love. Yes?

When they are in your experience, they have come forth, with you, to help you expand, to help you grow. They come forth from this space, this core of love, even when you do not recognize that. From the physical experience it appears to be toxic to you. We will say to you that when you have so firmly, firmly created them in your experience as being toxic, yes? …as being unlovable…yes? …essentially, the thought of them can bring you uncomfortable, even painful feelings, yes? And we would say that this is a co-creation with them…yes?..and at their core they are love…yes?… and they are here for the love of you, to help expand you.

We will invite you to begin focusing with great love on those in your experience that are easy to love…yes? We would invite you to notice the people around you, especially those who light you up with a spark of appreciation, who light you up with fun, with delight for being in their presence. Notice them, even if they are a stranger to you.

Begin to notice those people who you appreciate – Whether you appreciation the way that they look or the way that they interact with the world around them, the way that they are sharing love with you… Begin to notice and make lists. Make Creation Lists. What we wish for you to do is to make creation lists of that which you love and appreciate in people – any people, any beings.

We would extend this beyond people. Any beings, however you experience these beings, where you find yourself feeling appreciation, love and delight – Notice it. Make notes of it. Make lists of it. You can make diagrams of it …yes?

And in so doing you are activating that energy in your experience. Once you have activated it, it will be much more easy for you to recognize where this same vibration is leaking out through those who seem toxic to you… yes? It may not be flowing out fully, but you may begin to notice it leaking out here and there. “Oh! Here…wait! Look! There is something that I feel love for. There is something that I appreciate about them.”

But we would invite you to create it. You are Creating! Creating like a Frankenstein of Love! Yes?

You are bringing together all of these pieces that you appreciate and you love about the other beings around you. You are making note of it, you are making diagrams of it. You are piecing it together into a great Frankenstein of Love that will begin to appear for you everywhere. Yes? It will begin to show up in your experience all over the place. More and more beings to love and appreciate will show up for you.

We will say, that we wish for you to include yourself in this creation process. Notice those things that you love and appreciate about yourself. Appreciate where you have gotten yourself to from where you have been. How wonderful that is! That you have moved to where you now Be! Yes? From where you once were. What a great thing that is!

And put all of these pieces together and spark life into this Frankenstein of Love that will begin showing up for you everywhere, and you will begin to notice ‘that which is lovable,’ leaking out from those that you consider most toxic, because it will be the primary vibration in your experience. It will be what you are noticing. You will not be able to notice that toxicity for all of the love that you are noticing.

So…this is your job, this is your assignment: To become a great noticer and focuser of what you appreciate, love, and delight in, in those beings around you.

Do you wish to accept this challenge? ~ Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As you have chosen to come forth at this time in the timeline, in the physical timeline on your planet, the interactions at this time, the awakening at this time, the remembering at this time, is greater than ever before. There is much more to come, much more to unfold to, but at this point there are great numbers on your planet who have reached an understanding, an ability to connect with where they be, with the possibilities, with spirit, to blend together into the triune beings that you are.

We are calling to you, we are speaking to you at all times and as you choose to tune in to us, to listen for our call, to listen for your connection, as you do this you are better able to recognize our words, to recognize your knowing through us, to recognize that you are all one.

You are all one who can connect your intentions, who share your intentions as they ripple out through your pluralness and are reflected back to you through one another. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And we will tell you that many beings who are spiritually understanding are very empathetic, are very strong readers of the energy in their environment.

We invite you to switch your focus from being able to read the energies – because you all can read these other energies – You don’t need to read the other energies at all times.

What we want for you to do is to recognize that you can shoot out your higher energies. You can share that with others. You can radiate that forward and benefit the others surrounding you by your high, loving energy.

When you are in that feeling of love and appreciation, and connection, and you look on someone and imagine yourself gathering your loving, golden energy from your heart center and RADIATING it forth… radiating it forth to those who surround you.

We invite you to play with this and witness the response of the people surrounding you who you are all able to read energy… not all are conscious of it but they will react to the energy that you put out.

You need not speak words.
You need not do actions.

Consciously choose to focus your loving energy outward from yourself. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Audio Youtube Video of this interaction HERE

Q: Since we are all one, or twiglets of one, when we do these things are we actually tapping into that Universal Knowledge and can we do it deliberately?

Yes, you can certainly do it deliberately.
What we want to start with, is we want to acknowledge you for opening to this concept and this idea in your expansion, and for the beginning when you said “we” and you changed it to “I” and we want to acknowledge you for that. We want to acknowledge you because we will say that, Yes, we are all one who is plural, and as you come into your physical perspective, yes, you come into an I perspective, Yes. And we wish for you to acknowledge the I perspective and the delight in the ability to have an I perspective. That is very good and it is very good for you to claim that perspective, for others in their own “I”ness, yes?, they have the delight of playing with this in other ways, but we acknowledge you for standing in your “I”ness and opening into your Pluralness.

Yes. Standing in your “I”ness and opening into your Pluralness. It is a very good thing.

We will say to you that very often, when you come into a physical body, into your I”ness, into your individual specific perspective, yes, you are culturalized and physicalized into believing THAT IS ALL. You are in the boundaries of your physical body and your one thinking mind. And you have begun expanding enough to begin recognizing that you do not have to be fully contained within your “I”ness, yes, that you do have access to the pluralness.

And we will say to you that all of you in physical, all of you who come into physical, you are all originating from the ONE WHO IS PLURAL. You all originate from there. You are all still a part of that. Your “I”ness has not cut you off from the ONENESS.

And so, … But! We will say that from your “I”ness you certainly can believe that you are cut off from the pluralness. Yes? And most who are physical believe they are cut off from the One Who Is Plural. They believe they are out here on their own, they very often find a god or a deity who they believe is BEYOND THEM to ask for help. But we will say, when you can allow yourself to recognize that you are still a part of it, that you are still a part of this Pluralness, that you DO have access. You have access to all of the knowing, to all of the ideas, yes, to all of the possibilities. You do have access to all of that.

And we will say that you can tap into that. And we wish to Joyfully acknowledge those times that you recognize that and you allow it. And sometimes you don’t even recognize it – you just allow it. Yes? Yes. But what we love is when you recognize it too – and that enables you to allow even more, because it’s not just some “freak accident.” Yes? Because you can acknowledge, “This is the truth of who I be. I have access when I open up to it.”

Oh!! Oh, darling, you are doing so well! Because this is very good when you can allow yourself to open up to the Pluralness that you BE as you are an I, ahaha! Things are getting good out there, dear one! Things are getting good. Yes, they are!

Q: One of the areas I want to play with and open up to… validation to make sure I haven’t gone off the deep end or something…

OH!! Go off the deep end, dear one! Join us! Join us! It is ok to go off the deep end. Yes. The water is fine out here. Yes. Yes.
Yes. Yes. And we so enjoy this, and we invite, we invite all of you who hear this, who hear this to recognize and to allow yourself to feel the reason why you are tapping into this answering also. You all have access to this. You are all one with us. Yes. Yes. You are all one with one another and very often, from your being, from your being in your Iness and you’re seeing all of the other “I”s around you, yes, very often there seems to be much separateness there. But when you recognize that you are tapped into the pluralness that goes beyond all of the little individual “I”s around you, oh you can have so much fun with it! And you can allow yourself to be so much more than what you have previously allowed yourself to Be. Yes.

Do this with love. Do this with playfulness. Be playful with it. Don’t try too hard. Be playful with it. That is what we wish to acknowledge you for our dear, Karen. You are being playful with it, and that is a very good thing, that is a very good space to be. And we will say that, yes, more play in this area, more allowing yourself to recognize that you are more than you previously believed that you were. And as you recognize that and you can let go of those old ideas of how separate you were, Yes? As you can let go of that and open into the ideas that you are a part of Everything That Is… You are a part of the love that flows, you are a part of the intelligences of the Universe, Oh, things get very good. They get very good for you. Yes.

Q: That even extends to the plants and the trees and my little critters I have around?

Oh, yes. YES! YES! YES! And what we also want to say to you, that it expands Beyond those that you deem to have life. Yes?

Q: Even like the rocks?


Q: You don’t think of a rock as having a life…

But it has a vibration!! It has a vibration that is a part of the Pluralness. All of it. Man made items… They have a vibration. Yes. You can tap into it all. It’s even bigger than you thought.
Yes. Yes. YES! Oo… Oo we love when you open to this! Yes. We love when you open to the opportunity for us to share more with you like this. Yes.

Q: That gives me so much to play with.

Yes. And we wish to acknowledge you, Each one of you here on this call, Each one of you who is listening and feeling your way into this connection with us, we wish to appreciate you, to acknowledge you for the expansion that you are doing. And in this expansion, for inviting more answering – for we cannot give you what you are not open to, what you are not ready for… but when you begin to open the door, when you begin to open to the possibility that you are more than you previously believed, that there is more love than you previously believed, that your experience is meant to be good, as you open more and more into this, we can share with you more. And then you can open up to more! Yes, it is a fun adventure, a wonderful ride that you are all on. Mm…

Q: And there’s always more.

AND THERE’S ALWAYS MORE! There is always more. There is always more. It’s a very hard concept to believe but just in the acknowledging, “Well, they said there’s always more…” THERE IS! THERE IS ALWAYS MORE! There’s always more good stuff. There’s always more fun. There is always more love. There are always more possibilities! Yes.
There is always more abundance. Yes. There are more connections. Yes. There is more. There is more. You have barely touched the surface. There is so much more. Yes. Yes. Mmm. Yes.

Q: Thrill bumps all over the place.

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We are with you. There is not a moment where we are not with you, dear one. There is not a moment where we are not with you.

Yes, your focused attention and opening to us helps you to recognize that we are here – but we are always here. We are always with you.

We are always loving you. We are always playing. We are always knowing where you are going, yes? We are always knowing the possibilities of your highest joy and greatest expansion. We are always knowing. We are always loving. There is not one moment that we are concerned for you. There is not one moment that we sit in worry for you.
For we know who you be. We know you are the same as we. Yes?

We delight in you, our little one. We delight in all the others, and we will say that there is not ONE on this planet for whom we sit in concern or worry. We know. We know. We know beyond the limitations of a physical body. And YOU, are not limited to the knowing of your physical body. You are expressing into a physical body but the bigger part of you is still beyond that physical body. You have not crammed all that you be within your physical body! You have not, our dear one.

You are so much more than that. And from the part that is not crammed within your body you easily know all is well. All is really, really good, dear one. You are doing beautifully. You are creating expansion. Even when you experience those moments of feeling stuck or of feeling that there is not forward motion, mm, that is compacting your energy into a combustion point. Yes?

(Vibrational Answering)

There is so much love here for you, and you have greater access than you allow yourself. Dip in! Notice the love in your life. Apply your focus, pay attention, and notice where love is showing up in your life. Notice where you are feeling love or where you are seeing love.

Allow yourself to practice the noticing of the love in your life and this will help you to feel, to recognize, to know more fully the love that we always are flowing to you, dear one. Open up to this love by noticing more love.

And we will say that, in your physical focus, when you are allowing yourself to notice what is going wrong with others, you are holding yourself apart from the purity of the love that we be – of the love that you be when you are more fully in connection with us.

We are with you in great love – ALWAYS – in all ways. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Serious Concept of Time – link to audio of interaction

Q: About the concept of time… in non-physical there is no time and we have this concept of time in physical. My understanding of this is similar to the forgetting of where we came from and this is all a game…. (Aaron: Yes.) We have to take the whole game seriously in order to expand through the game (Aaron: No. No.) would you say? No?

Aaron: No. (Q: Good!) We would say to you, You do not have to take any of this seriously. Yes.
When you say to us, “We have to take this seriously” we say NO. No. There is nothing serious going on here. There is nothing serious going on here, dear one.
And we know, and you are quite welcome to play with it in a serious fashion, Yes? You are quite welcome to that and there is nothing wrong with that. But we will say IT IS NOT NECESSARY, and we do not say “this is serious.” Yes?
This is a game, dear one! This is Play. This is delight. This is love. And when you allow yourself to feel that it is NECESSARY to be serious, yes the lower energies are where you are going to be hanging out. That seriousness does not necessarily allow in the light as much as the higher vibrations. We would say the serious vibrations, that is putting a weight over yourself, yes? That is the ballast to your balloon. Yes.
So we invite you to play with it if you would like. You may certainly put all the ballast you would like on your balloon and stay grounded whenever you would like – but, it is not necessary and you will have so much more fun when you realize you are here for the fun of it, you are here for the delight of it, you are here to play with time and space and… all of this. You are here for playing with it, dear one. Yes.

Q: I really know this in concept. I don’t want to take it seriously. I know that I do have some big issue about time. Using the word ballast is really good because I do feel like it’s exactly right, beautiful image. The concept of time fills me with weight. I’m not even sure why. One person has a fear of snakes and I have a fear of time. It is something that does drag me down. If you can help me with that.

Aaron: We will say to you that you have come to know time to be the rules of the game that you are playing. Yes? You see it as being the rules of the game you are playing and now that you are interacting with us, we get to let you in on a secret: You can change the rules of the game. You can change the rules of the game to be more delightful to you.
And we will say, yes, you are certainly playing with time because it is in your understanding, it has been your experience, but You Now are in a place, in a state of openness where you can allow yourself to recognize that you have your connection to your spirit self who is Beyond the constructs of time. And this spirit self part of you – it is a part of you, so you are playing together, yes? And you may step more fully into That understanding, that timeless understanding. You may invite your higher self to give you glimpses of the experience of that timelessness. Yes?
You may begin to allow yourself to play games with time. You may allow yourself to play games with inserting memories in your past, creating in your now from your past, creating in your future from your now… You can play with this and we would invite you to allow yourself a sense of play with it and just devise games with your friends, devise games on your own, just see!
“How do I do this? How does this feel? Where am I noticing other people talking about their experiences with timelessness or expanding time and creating more time when they need it?”
Oh, there is so much for you to enjoy in the discovery of this because there is much more possible for you than you have recognized before. And it’s ok, these time rules are rules that were taught to you and you trusted in and so that is what you know. But we are giving you the freedom to go beyond that. There is so much more beyond that and you need not be held by those constructs anymore – anymore than you wish to. Yes? And we will say that very often it gives a sense of balance, it gives a sense of balance to people to play with it. And it can be very unsettling if you let go too much. But you can play with that. You can play with it.

Q: Is there a process you can suggest? Like, uh, that I can try to as an exercise to play with this.

Aaron: Yes. What we are going to invite you to do at first, yes, and if your question continues later we would invite you to come back. But what we are going to invite you to do first is to begin to notice examples around you where others are experiencing a sense of timelessness, or an ability to mold time to fit their experience. Yes? As you are open to this it will begin to show up more for you.
Then we would invite you to also feel and look into your memories for times when you have experienced similarly. Yes? As people begin to share their experiences as you notice it – we will say, there are books, there are movies with these concepts, we want you to begin to notice them and see the possibilities and allow this to be evidence for you that there are other possibilities. This evidence is the building blocks of your belief. So, you are bringing in new evidence from the old evidence that you have already gathered in your life.
You’re bringing in new evidence for the new possibilities, yes? And this will help you greatly. This will set you in the right direction. Yes, as you begin to recognize what is possible these opportunities will begin to pop up for you also. Mm, you will have great fun with this. You will have great fun with this. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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For everything that you are appreciating, for every moment that you are enjoying, for every moment that you are relaxing, we wish for you to recognize that you are being paid by the Universe.

We will say to you that this is the way that the Universe can work, and so many who are in physical have gotten caught up in the fears about having to “work hard” for their money, but we want to tell you that when you are in alignment with your bliss, with appreciation, with love – when you are in alignment with that, and you Recognize it, the Universe can open the doorways and you can receive.
And in your recognition of this, in your knowing that this is how the Universe works: When you are in alignment with your joy you can receive abundance.
We wish for you to begin to envision yourself as an open doorway. When you are having fun and enjoying yourself and the money is coming to you, and the money is coming to you for this alignment. The abundance!

We wish for you to recognize that it can show up in many different ways. And we wish for you to allow it and acknowledge it in Every Way that it shows up for you – because sometimes it may not show up directly as dollars – sometimes it may show up as experiences that are worth a great deal, and as you appreciate that and recognize that as something that you have allowed into your experience it will also show up financially for you.

And you can align in your bliss, in this paradise experience, you can align with the ideas and the open doorways and the offerings to you of exactly that which you desire – exactly that which you desire. Yes.
And it can come to you in ways that you could not have planned, that you could not have worked hard enough to create the opportunities that will magically be handed to you because of your alignment and your fun. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Wonderful. Well, we will start with your discussion about the possibility of a new partner in your life. And we will say to you that we feel, we acknowledge the great vibration of love that is around you. We will invite you in your journey towards connection with your ideal mate, we would invite you to focus also on loving yourself, on truly appreciating what a wonderful being you are and how much you have to share.
And we would invite you to allow yourself moments every day of truly appreciating and acknowledging yourself, for as you are amplifying this vibration of love for yourself you will be magnetized to receiving love from others. And so, the more you are focusing lovingly on yourself, the more you can receive loving focus from others, and this will help to magnetize you in a powerful way.
Another suggestion that we would have for you is to truly focus on what you love, admire and appreciate about the others in your life – no matter who they are and what kind of relationship they may have to you. Be on the lookout for the best parts of everyone that you interact with. Make note of it and allow your thoughts to play with these ideas and things that you love about others that you are in relationship with – AND, with others that you may not be in relationship with but who come into your experience in some way that allows you to notice things that you appreciate about them.
And so, we just invite you to focus more frequently on the aspects that you love in others AND in yourself. By doing this you are, oh, you are amplifying your vibration to a point where the one – or more – who are matches to you will come into your experience. They will be so easy for you to recognize what you appreciate in them because of your focus in your Now on loving yourself and noticing what you love about others.
And, mm, yes, we invite you to continue amplifying that and you may be surprised with how quickly this amplification of the love in your vibration will draw to you what you are seeking. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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