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On Udana’s blog, I have posted a recording of Solarum’s loving message following the mass shooting in Orlando.
Shared with love:

Conscious Choice for Love – following Orlando


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Now what we will say to you is that when we speak of the Monetization of Appreciation, what we are bringing forth for you is the opportunity to have an awareness of the resonance of different vibrations and what they allow into your experience, yes?

And so when you are in a vibration in your experience that feels really really good, you are allowing into your experience other things that feel really really good. And if ease and financial security and abundance are something that feels really really good to you, when you are feeling appreciation, when you are feeling joyful, when you are feeling giggly and in love with life, with others, with yourself, when you are feeling those things, you are an open doorway to every other thing that feels good in your experience.

And so if abundance, if an excess of opportunities and money feel good to you, they can get in more easily when you are feeling these high-flying vibrations. And so we wish to say to you, that if that is a focus of yours, we wish for you to recognize that you can take and balance your vibration that you are feeling with money or abundance that you would like to allow. And so you can give it a monetary value in your life.

Whereas, when you are feeling not so good, when you are feeling depressed or lethargic or ill, that might not allow through the money. And so, if you were to try to monetize the feeling, of feeling lethargic or ill or depressed, you would not put a very high monetary value to that in your experience. But if you are feeling bliss, if you are feeling love, if you are feeling giddy, if you are feeling appreciation, those are really worth something, yes? and you can put the good feeling, high number abundance equal with those vibrations, and you can expect to allow it through.

And so you are creating a sense of expectation when you are adding and recognizing the resonance of high value with the high vibrations.

And we will say to you that very often the easiest way to get into the higher vibrations is to go the way of appreciation. Appreciation is a doorway to many of the other higher vibrations but it is something that you can DO, yes?

Appreciation can be an action that you can take from your physical experience to get into the higher vibrations.

And this is why we talk about the monetization of appreciation, because appreciation can be an action that you can take, yes? And rather than it being some hard work, that most associate with money, with value – they think they have to work hard – but if you take the action of appreciation, that has much more value than any hard work you could ever do. ~Solarum

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Zing! Does your heart soar at the idea of creating a Money paradigm that feels like Ease, Love, Delight, and Playfulness?
*or Even MORE Ease, Love, Delight, and Playfulness for those who already have a “Richer than Shit” paradigm?

Solarum is gathering a group of us who are ready to take a guided, supported – and yet, personally directed – exploration of what’s possible in a new Money paradigm, and then building a solid foundation for this new way of experiencing Money.
This group is based on Experiencing Security in Abundance.

The group will be based on Facebook, with regular Playgroups on Skype.

We will play and mastermind together for 8 Weeks (September 26 – November 21).

Please “like” Solarum’s page on Facebook and contact me there if you would like details on the possibility of joining us, cost, etc. Solarum on Facebook


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There are many possibilities for More for you – PLAY with those possibilities.
Play with the lists and the ideas and the noticing and the allowing yourself to light up with what all else is possible.
And begin to notice people, and there are stories out there – it will be easy for you to pick up on this – of those who are living extended lives Joyfully, Happily, creating more.
Mm… and when you stay in that vibration of joyful creation it has more power to keep you In the Joy than the random old thoughts of “Maybe this is all.”
You CAN keep moving forward. You can keep playing.
You delight us with the way that you expand anew and grow. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We want for you to pay attention and notice – joyfully notice – appreciate it, make notes about it, laugh about it, and allow yourself to feel it in your heart, and to allow the roots of these beliefs about loving relationships and the possibility in their existence to take root within.
And we invite you, even, when you are thinking these thoughts, when you are noticing it in other people, place your hand over your heart and deepen that connection. Bring it to your physical awareness also, so that you are integrating it more fully into your physical knowing. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Allow yourself to be unlimited in your playing and your dreaming.
We will say to you, our dear one, you can create, you can envision what it is that you truly want.
Allow yourself to be unimpeded by your creating that is in your past. Allow yourself to be unimpeded by that. Allow yourself to be unimpeded by the creating of others, and what may seem to be “possible”: – For what is possible for you is whatever you desire. You may create this as you wish, dear one.
Allow yourself to create what is in resonance with your soul, with your connection. We are with you in this creating, dear one. But it is from your physical perspective, it is from your physical perspective that you get to have the fun with the details, with the creating. And it is when you are able to play with the details and find the vibration that is resonant with your desires that we can make it even better than what you have imagined. Yes?
Have fun with this, dear one. Have fun with this. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Love and Appreciation

Stephanie is in the midst of a cross-country move.
Expect new quotes after the 5th.

BLISSings to you!!

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