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Do you ever feel that someone else’s negativity is holding you back?

“We will say to you that you would not be perceiving this in such a FEELING way if you did not have this vibration alive within you.” ~Solarum

The Treehouse group gathered and the question to Solarum was about how the process of buying a house seems to have stalled because of the negativity of the questioner’s husband.
Solarum offers a different perspective.

Facebook friends have the opportunity to join the Treehouse group and be a part of these gatherings. Solarum on Facebook

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Audio Youtube Video of this interaction HERE

Q: Since we are all one, or twiglets of one, when we do these things are we actually tapping into that Universal Knowledge and can we do it deliberately?

Yes, you can certainly do it deliberately.
What we want to start with, is we want to acknowledge you for opening to this concept and this idea in your expansion, and for the beginning when you said “we” and you changed it to “I” and we want to acknowledge you for that. We want to acknowledge you because we will say that, Yes, we are all one who is plural, and as you come into your physical perspective, yes, you come into an I perspective, Yes. And we wish for you to acknowledge the I perspective and the delight in the ability to have an I perspective. That is very good and it is very good for you to claim that perspective, for others in their own “I”ness, yes?, they have the delight of playing with this in other ways, but we acknowledge you for standing in your “I”ness and opening into your Pluralness.

Yes. Standing in your “I”ness and opening into your Pluralness. It is a very good thing.

We will say to you that very often, when you come into a physical body, into your I”ness, into your individual specific perspective, yes, you are culturalized and physicalized into believing THAT IS ALL. You are in the boundaries of your physical body and your one thinking mind. And you have begun expanding enough to begin recognizing that you do not have to be fully contained within your “I”ness, yes, that you do have access to the pluralness.

And we will say to you that all of you in physical, all of you who come into physical, you are all originating from the ONE WHO IS PLURAL. You all originate from there. You are all still a part of that. Your “I”ness has not cut you off from the ONENESS.

And so, … But! We will say that from your “I”ness you certainly can believe that you are cut off from the pluralness. Yes? And most who are physical believe they are cut off from the One Who Is Plural. They believe they are out here on their own, they very often find a god or a deity who they believe is BEYOND THEM to ask for help. But we will say, when you can allow yourself to recognize that you are still a part of it, that you are still a part of this Pluralness, that you DO have access. You have access to all of the knowing, to all of the ideas, yes, to all of the possibilities. You do have access to all of that.

And we will say that you can tap into that. And we wish to Joyfully acknowledge those times that you recognize that and you allow it. And sometimes you don’t even recognize it – you just allow it. Yes? Yes. But what we love is when you recognize it too – and that enables you to allow even more, because it’s not just some “freak accident.” Yes? Because you can acknowledge, “This is the truth of who I be. I have access when I open up to it.”

Oh!! Oh, darling, you are doing so well! Because this is very good when you can allow yourself to open up to the Pluralness that you BE as you are an I, ahaha! Things are getting good out there, dear one! Things are getting good. Yes, they are!

Q: One of the areas I want to play with and open up to… validation to make sure I haven’t gone off the deep end or something…

OH!! Go off the deep end, dear one! Join us! Join us! It is ok to go off the deep end. Yes. The water is fine out here. Yes. Yes.
Yes. Yes. And we so enjoy this, and we invite, we invite all of you who hear this, who hear this to recognize and to allow yourself to feel the reason why you are tapping into this answering also. You all have access to this. You are all one with us. Yes. Yes. You are all one with one another and very often, from your being, from your being in your Iness and you’re seeing all of the other “I”s around you, yes, very often there seems to be much separateness there. But when you recognize that you are tapped into the pluralness that goes beyond all of the little individual “I”s around you, oh you can have so much fun with it! And you can allow yourself to be so much more than what you have previously allowed yourself to Be. Yes.

Do this with love. Do this with playfulness. Be playful with it. Don’t try too hard. Be playful with it. That is what we wish to acknowledge you for our dear, Karen. You are being playful with it, and that is a very good thing, that is a very good space to be. And we will say that, yes, more play in this area, more allowing yourself to recognize that you are more than you previously believed that you were. And as you recognize that and you can let go of those old ideas of how separate you were, Yes? As you can let go of that and open into the ideas that you are a part of Everything That Is… You are a part of the love that flows, you are a part of the intelligences of the Universe, Oh, things get very good. They get very good for you. Yes.

Q: That even extends to the plants and the trees and my little critters I have around?

Oh, yes. YES! YES! YES! And what we also want to say to you, that it expands Beyond those that you deem to have life. Yes?

Q: Even like the rocks?


Q: You don’t think of a rock as having a life…

But it has a vibration!! It has a vibration that is a part of the Pluralness. All of it. Man made items… They have a vibration. Yes. You can tap into it all. It’s even bigger than you thought.
Yes. Yes. YES! Oo… Oo we love when you open to this! Yes. We love when you open to the opportunity for us to share more with you like this. Yes.

Q: That gives me so much to play with.

Yes. And we wish to acknowledge you, Each one of you here on this call, Each one of you who is listening and feeling your way into this connection with us, we wish to appreciate you, to acknowledge you for the expansion that you are doing. And in this expansion, for inviting more answering – for we cannot give you what you are not open to, what you are not ready for… but when you begin to open the door, when you begin to open to the possibility that you are more than you previously believed, that there is more love than you previously believed, that your experience is meant to be good, as you open more and more into this, we can share with you more. And then you can open up to more! Yes, it is a fun adventure, a wonderful ride that you are all on. Mm…

Q: And there’s always more.

AND THERE’S ALWAYS MORE! There is always more. There is always more. It’s a very hard concept to believe but just in the acknowledging, “Well, they said there’s always more…” THERE IS! THERE IS ALWAYS MORE! There’s always more good stuff. There’s always more fun. There is always more love. There are always more possibilities! Yes.
There is always more abundance. Yes. There are more connections. Yes. There is more. There is more. You have barely touched the surface. There is so much more. Yes. Yes. Mmm. Yes.

Q: Thrill bumps all over the place.

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My friends, I spent a great deal of time literally in the closet with Aaron.
May I introduce them with love to you now. ~Stephanie Udana

What we will say to you when you ask “What is the truth?” The truth is what you create it to be. Your beliefs, your experiences create your truth – and you can Recreate your truth. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

You are much more powerful than you know when you address the vibration that you BE. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Playlist – Watch. Or not.
Watch all that are up so far, or pick and choose.
Just have fun with it.


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Love flood

It’s a Love Flood in Connection with Aaron

During a recent Connection, Aaron speaks about how to love your past self and create healing in your current life. (March 2011)

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What’s next?

What’s next for me? OR What do I want?

During a recent Connection, Aaron speaks about how to order up and let in what you really want… and invites you to throw out any stinky old socks hiding in your closet. (March 2011)

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