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It’s funny, because it turns out, they introduced themselves to me very clearly this way in the fall of 2009 – when they were coming to me through upside-down and backward writing.

They told me that it meant they were the Plural One. I thought: This is crazy. I am crazy.

I looked it up and found nothing. I searched and searched, and nothing. They were very clear with me that they were the One Who Is Plural and so I went with that, denying the possibility that Solarum meant plural one.

It’s funny because I completely put Solarum out of my mind, and later went on to insist that they share a more traditional name with me (more traditional than the concept of One Who Is Plural). After much back and forth, they finally brought me to Aaron by getting me to recognize them as the “one with the words.”

Even after I got my way and had the name of Aaron for them, I still more fully resonated with them as One Who Is Plural.

Monday, through some divine magic, and the blessing of a dear friend, I shared with her about the name Solarum – it just seemed to pop out of my mouth after being out of my thoughts for 5 ½ years. I laughed heartily about how crazy it all was, but began to realize that maybe Solarum didn’t need to have a human definition of Plural One for it to be the name that fit that concept for them…

I eventually popped it into a search engine to “prove” that there was nothing to find, and instead of finding nothing I found their proof immediately.

Five and a half years, divine timing… Feeling awe, and reveling in a new level of belief and recognition. ~Stephanie Udana

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

And we are going to say: Think of the backlog! Think of all the appreciation, all the love in your life, all the service you have offered to others. Yes? All of the ways you have been a blessing to others who are people, who are animals, who are insects, yes? To so many, yes. You have been a blessing to so many throughout your life so there is this giant backlog. And so what we would even have you do is begin to write yourself checks. So, may either just keep track of the money or you may write out the checks from the Universe.

And we wish for you to allow yourself to know. And you can put in your memo that this is for Services Rendered, or My Vibration, or whatever! Play with this dear one.

And you may start with writing a check for a million dollars, several million dollars, we don’t care. Write a giant check and say “This is my backlog.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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