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With the vibrational answering, it is much easier to make a connection beyond the “thinker” (Brain) within the being. Beyond the thinker. Connecting with the vibrational being that resides there, the vibrational being that is using the physical being as a vehicle for this experience.

We will say that this also accounts for the power of the soul conversations.

In those instances of soul conversation you are connecting on a vibrational level, and even though you may be thinking words, you may be using words to create the pathway of connection, that vibrational connection – that soul to soul connection, is where the power resides.

By your acknowledgment of your capability to do this – even by the acknowledgment of the POSSIBILITY to do this – when one opens up to the possibility of soul conversation, they are opening beyond: beyond the thinker, beyond the physical, they are opening into the vibrational, the soul level. Have fun with it, dear one.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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