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When you become very clear with who it is that you want to connect with, with who it is that you Love connecting with, with who it is that you be and how much more brightly you shine when you are in connection with someone who is vibrating on your wavelength… Ahhh, those “other” people won’t come to you anymore. They won’t come to you. They won’t be able to see you.

But, the people who are your perfect clients will find their way to you through your vibrational knowing of them.
And we invite you to spend more time playing with that creation and appreciation of your ideal clients than you do with worrying about what actions to take to attract them.

~Aaron Connection

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And we know that you have concerns about being judged to be a “meanie.”
That is ok.
When others can judge you as a meanie for the shifting in their own life, that is ok.
Their judgment need not hurt you. And the only way that it can hurt you is for you to agree with it.
There is no need for you to justify your actions or your needs – especially when they are done with love.
And if someone judges you as being a “meanie” for an action that you took out of love, then we invite you to cheer them on. “Yes. Go for it, move yourself up that vibrational scale! Call me a meanie. If it helps you, if it helps you expand, please, go for it.”

(…) It is not who you be, dear one.
You are filled with love and flowing love, and yes – you are highly imperfect – but you are flowing with love. And you are reaching for understanding. ~Aaron

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