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The vibration of love is the core of all that is. It is what is beyond your physical experience. And so, it is the core.

Now, when you are in physical, you are free to play with that which does not feel like love, yes?
And so, you are playing with that in your physical, and that is part of the experience that allows the expansion of All That Is, because from nonphysical there is no delving into the other vibrations, yes?
From nonphysical we are holding it steady for you all.
We are holding it steady at Love.
But as you take this adventure into physical, you are able to play with other vibrations, yes?
It helps to stretch, it helps to grow. ~Solarum

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Allow yourself to play with what is possible.
Do not worry about what you THINK is possible.
Do not worry about what the circumstances look like they are leading to.
Open yourself up to the possibilities, the most joyful, the most thrilling, the most loving, the most joyfully adventurous possibilities! – open up to them.
Go beyond what you can see.
Go beyond what seem to be your limits.
Go beyond, dear one.
See what we can slip in for you.
See what we can slip in for you. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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You are in your physical perspective, you are in your physical body, for the expansion, for the adventure, for the discovery, that you cannot experience purely from spirit. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

We wish to appreciate you, to acknowledge you for the expansion that you are doing. And in this expansion, for inviting more answering – for we cannot give you what you are not open to, what you are not ready for… but when you begin to open the door, when you begin to open to the possibility that you are more than you previously believed, that there is more love than you previously believed, that your experience is meant to be good, as you open more and more into this, we can share with you more. And then you can open up to more! Yes, it is a fun adventure, a wonderful ride that you are all on. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You could have lived your life easy-peasy, nothing big happening one way or the other – but you are here for the experiences, and you are here for the growth, you are here for the fun, you are here for the fun of the journey.
From the spirit that you Be, beyond your physical body, you do not see these as problems, as issues. You are excited about the journey. You are excited about the adventure. You are excited about where you are going. We give you a high 5 dear one for your journey. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Choices that in physical seem painful, are not viewed in that way from the non-physical.

There is often choice, coming into a lifetime to experience certain challenges to allow for greater expansion, greater asking, greater connection, greater blendedness…

Life is viewed as an adventure and as an opportunity.

But there is no pain (paying?) of debt in this lifetime because of actions in previous lifetimes. ~Aaron

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