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Lining up with this Vibrational resonance first –
through Intention,
through focus,
through play,
through appreciation,
through memories that feel good,
through Joy Triggers… yes?

There are so many easy, simple ways for you to line up your energy and that is really All that you need to know.
Because as you align your energy, what would have previously been perceived as Hard Steps, or even Impossible Tasks, they become easy, yes.

It is not hard for the magnet to be pulled in contact with the metal. ~Solarum

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You are opening more fully to recognizing the support, the love, the helpers that you have who exist beyond physical and in physical.

As you notice, it is all beginning to weave together.

It is weaving together in a way that is Timeless and Spaceless, and yet, enjoying the benefit of time and space. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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*from the 10th interaction with Aaron, April 2010*

You can develop genius. Genius is not only given to a few. Genius is available to everyone when they choose to place their focus in a specific area…
And then tend to it.

So when you place your focus somewhere it is like scattering seeds. When you scatter seeds, you – or if you are placing your focus in many different places – all of those different places equate to a seed – so, when you scatter the seeds then the attention and the focus and the care that you give those seeds or, that original focus – that is what helps it grow.

In the instance of the seeds – they can grow into a beautiful garden.
In the instance of your focus it can grow into genius. It can grow into mastery.

And, you can plant a seed and choose to plant your garden elsewhere. It is your choice. You can tend to your seeds or not.

And, you can look all around finding many things to focus upon, but when you choose a specific focus and you tend to it and you care for it – that is where mastery and genius come from. ~Aaron (Solarum)

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You do not need to attract something to you that you do not have…
You need to notice what you DO have, what is going right, what is going right.
Then, all THOSE things become things that you DO HAVE. Yes. They will be in the flow with you. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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When you are feeling it,
when you are feeling that there is something BIG coming,
We wish for you to be able to shift that feeling to
“Something has ALREADY been Created.”

Something has already been created – Phew!
It’s ALREADY done, its already DONE and then you are just enjoying it. Because when you are looking for it to happen, yes, you keep looking for it to happen.
It is ALREADY DONE, phew, that’s a load off of your shoulders! ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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We are here. We are here, dear one. We are here.

Step in. Allow us to envelop you with love.

Step in. Allow us to envelop you with love for we are here with this love, at all times, dear one – at all times.

There is no reason for you to hold yourself separate from us once you recognize us. Yes?

All is well, dear one. We want you to know the love and the perfection of the blueprints on this journey. ~Solarum

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We are with you in great love, our dear one. Always, always, always – you know that, don’t you?
We are with you in great love, always in all ways. Yes?

Even when you are having experiences that to you seem not to be good feeling experiences – know that we are with you.

Know that we are aligned with you in love.
Know that things are shifting around you to align more fully with love.

Sometimes in those shifts, you may not recognize the love – but it is there, dear one. It is calling you forward. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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