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You cannot look upon the disease and see it as reality and heal it.
You must be able to see beyond the disease, see the knowing of the pure flow of love that is, knowing that the disease is a message of misalignment.
When you are able to focus on the alignment and people recognize that you are holding that pure alignment, they can more easily grab hold of the alignment as you offer it.
But the healing comes from within the individual.
They have to allow it themselves.
But when another can hold the focus of the alignment strongly enough, it makes it very easy for others to grab hold of the alignment and allow it. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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What we mean by Beginner’s Mind, is when you are able to look at your life, to look at your experiences, to look at those around you FRESH, yes?, with a clean slate in your mind.

Because very often in your day-to-day experiences, you have already built up beliefs, you have built up judgments, whether they are judgments to the good or judgments to the not so good. Yes?

But you have built up beliefs and judgments about most everything in your experience. And so we invite you to wipe that slate clean, yes? to wipe it clean, to go back to your beginning state, to Beginner’s Mind, so that when you are interacting from your Beginner’s Mind, you are going back to the core of who you be, before all of the judgments and beliefs, and that core of who you be is one of love, yes?, is one of knowing your magnificence and the magnificence of all those around you, and knowing that you are one who is a part of the Pluralness with every other one that you interact with. Yes?

You can discover so much more that is in alignment with the core of who you be when you allow yourself to go into Beginner’s Mind, because so much of what you have built up in your mind has limited your experience.

It blocks you off from the possibilities that are there.

It blocks you off from the possibilities that are there, and so when you can go back to Beginner’s Mind, start fresh from the love that you be, and you may even wish to, at times, when you are reminding yourself, “Oh wait, I want to go back to Beginner’s Mind.” Place your hand on your heart.
Drop yourself out of your thinking mind, drop yourself away from all of those beliefs and limitations that have built up in your thinking mind, into your heart, yes?

In your heart, you will be in Beginner’s Mind. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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You are doing well to not try to smash your life into a premade form.
You are doing well to allow it to take shape as you flow, to take shape as you grow.
Allow yourself to feel the way through, to feel the alignment, the resonance or not…
There is no need to push or smash into a form.
You will be much more delighted in this way as you see what organically is created through your flow.
In so doing, what is created of your life will be much greater than what has come before… it will be much more suited and delightful to, and for you, our dear one.
It will be a perfect fit without any smashing needed. ~Solarum

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You were right in noticing that you are not on the same path as the others.
You are on different paths and all the paths are valid.
It does not make another’s path invalid because you are not traversing it.
We love you, dear one. ~Solarum

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Q: I just want to be this unconditionally loving being and I find when I hear… … it just gets to me and I can’t help feeling anger and resentment about it, and I just want to let it go, I really want to put it to rest.

Aa: Yes, what we would say to you our Dear One is, first of all, we invite you not to necessarily put yourself to the standard of needing to be Unconditionally Loving. Yes?
We will say that you can leave that to Us. Yes?
You can leave that to those of us who are not in physical.

Now what we invite you to do is, we invite you to be loving in each moment, and when you notice that you’re not feeling loving, to turn back towards love, yes? To find something, to invite some thought or point of focus that helps you to feel loving, that helps you to feel appreciation, which can move you towards loving. Yes?

But very often, when you put yourself to the idea that it is possible and desirable to be Unconditionally Loving – we say, don’t worry about that. You certainly ARE that from beyond your physical experience. And your experience in physical is to strive to love more in each moment. Yes?

And we do not have any need for you to be a Divine Being who is in perfect alignment because, Dear One, if you are, you aren’t going to be there in physical. Yes?
And so, we want you to let yourself off the hook a little bit when you find yourself feeling not quite as loving as you would like to. Yes?
But we do invite you to keep turning back towards the love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say to you that there are many in physical who bring in large sums of money but they do not feel ease with it. Yes. They do not feel the fun with it.

And we would say that most of you who are Conscious Creators, what you are wanting when you are wanting the money, you are wanting the FEELING that you perceive as coming with it, the feeling of ease, yes, and the feeling of security.

And if one is not receiving those feelings, well then they are not receiving as you wish to receive. Yes?

And so it may have the appearance of many dollars, but it does mean that it equals the vibration that you are desiring when you think of money. Yes? ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish for you to be aware of when you are trying to talk yourself out of the full realization of your power and your magic in the alignment that you have with your source vibration.
Nothing is more powerful in your experience than your alignment with your source vibration. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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