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We also wish to let you know that in your physical form you may find yourself tapped to allow through the energy of Angel through you for someone else. We wish for you to be aware when this happens that it is possible for You to be the vehicle for angelic energy to present to others in physical. Yes?

We feel that you should know this especially and recognize this and recognize this as what you would call a Reality that is possible and quite an honor to be able to be the vehicle for angelic presence.

And many of you in physical are allowed to be vehicles for angelic presence. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We want you to recognize that very often you may feel a connection with a descriptor such as an angel, such as a spirit guide, we want you to know that where you feel the connection, where it feels good to you, there is truth for you in that connection.

But it is all about the perception from physical that has brought these thought forms into an easier way to understand guidance and connection from source. ~Aaron

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