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Certainly you will recognize that throughout our interactions with everyone, we very often like to play with inserting clues because of the inability of those in physical to fully take it all in yet.

They are asking questions, yes, very often from your physical you are asking questions, you want the answers, but you are not ready for the fullness of it because there are so many nuances, so much shading to be gained from the Experience in your physical.

And yes, these clues work very well, because when it is unfolding, as the answering is unfolding more fully, THEN they recognize the clue, and they can appreciate the tying together, and they can appreciate the gift of the clue. Yes.

And from your physical experience, even though there is the asking, even though there is the asking to Know, to Know, to Know, your desire of the experience of being physical is to enjoy the unfolding, yes, to experience being a part of the unfolding, and the joy of seeing “oh yes, there was that route sign. I did so good. I followed the path and I came here. I made it here.”

And from your physical experience you are much better able to take ownership of the experience when it is allowed to unfold through clues rather than being bashed over the head with the entire knowing. Yes?

And WE, from non-physical, we want you to be Empowered Beings. We want you to be empowered. We want you to enjoy the thrill of learning, of growing, of being more in this now moment than you were in the now moment just before. Yes. That is WHY you are here. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Questioner feels Judged by others in her life.

A: We invite you to open yourself to allowing in more people who are in alignment with You in your life. As you build up these people who are in alignment with You – there are countless of them out there. There is no lack of people who are in alignment with you.
We want you to at least recognize them, whether you actually interact with them or not, that’s of no importance. We want you to at least recognize them.
Find them. Go on a search for them in this world and each time you notice one, make note of that; Acknowledge that; acknowledge that you are far from alone in the way that you feel and desire. Place your focus on those people and the ones that you are currently focusing on as judging you will fade away.

Questioner concerned after receiving this answer that his mother will “fade away” from his life.

A: But, Dear One, she herself does not have to fade away. She does not have to fade away from your life. But the PERSPECTIVE of her judging you can completely disappear. It does not need to be there.
Yet, you can retain loving interactions with her. You can build MORE loving interactions with her. It is all possible.
And you, for a long time, have held onto the feeling that you must do certain things to stay in her good graces. This is not true. The truth of that is something you have created and you can try to say, “No” that it is HER, and we are going to tell you that’s bull shit.
You, dear one, it is you. And you have the power to change your relationship with your mother. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say to you that we were first able to start coming through our little one, Stephanie, doing THIS (vibrational answering) when she had moved to Nashville, when she had isolated herself in her closet and was reaching for the answers that she was not yet ready to put words to. She had not found the space or the trust in her own connection to believe the words as they came through For Her. And through the connection we were utilizing this vibration, this pure vibration to bring the answering to the cells of her being, to the energy of her being. We brought the answering vibration in. …
We will say that … when you are able to let in the vibrations of the answer, that you will be led to the knowing, or you will allow the knowing to unfold in your life.
It is beyond the words that interact with your thinking mind because the words are so imprecise. And the words rely heavily on the vibration behind them. Many times people allow themselves to get caught up in the specific definitions and meanings of the words that they hear. But we are here to tell you – that is not where the meaning is.
The meaning is in the vibration beyond the words. And so, if you would like, we could even end our discussion here, for everything that you were asking for is contained within the vibrational answer that we gave you at the beginning.
But we know that from your physical perspective, it is very fun … it sometimes seems more easy to play with the words. But we will say that even if you do not get your full answering from the words in your interaction with us now, your answering will continue to unfold because of the vibration we left with you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

**from Stephanie: I hope to be sharing more recordings to let you experience a bit of the power of the vibrational answering, or, you are welcome to set up a private Connection and receive your personal Vibrational Answering.**

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This pure love from your Source is being pulled forth. Even when there are words coming out, it is always up to the one who is listening to perceive in their own way.
The words themselves, are not an answer. They are a Vehicle for the answering vibration.
Just as the singing sounds that we bring forth from you – they are a vehicle for the answering Vibration of Source. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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You think you are reaching for a grand answer but the truth is, you are reaching only for connection, the feeling place, the letting go. ~Aaron Connection

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You will find peace with this. It will come to you when you are not feeling around for it. It will come to you when you are spending more time in that loving, higher vibing feeling. All of a sudden you will realize the answer is there, the understanding is there, the appreciation for the unfolding of this experience – as painful as it has seemed – will be visible for you. ~Aaron

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And sometimes people are asking so strongly that when the answer occurs it is almost like a crack in their reality – like a break.

It can be experienced in a painful way, but it can open up your reality into new understandings. ~Aaron

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