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We wish to appreciate you, to acknowledge you for the expansion that you are doing. And in this expansion, for inviting more answering – for we cannot give you what you are not open to, what you are not ready for… but when you begin to open the door, when you begin to open to the possibility that you are more than you previously believed, that there is more love than you previously believed, that your experience is meant to be good, as you open more and more into this, we can share with you more. And then you can open up to more! Yes, it is a fun adventure, a wonderful ride that you are all on. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

But when we were speaking about the hows you cannot figure them out from a place of lack. It is a black hole when you are trying to figure it out from a place or a perspective of lack, of not knowing HOW it’s possible. This is why we invite you to allow yourself to acknowledge, to think about, and to recognize that is a lost cause. It cannot be done. It cannot be figured out from a place of lack – so let that go when it comes up. “Thank you very much for showing up. This does not work. We’re moving on.”

And where the answers will come to you, the magic will begin appearing in your life when you come from the love that you Be, when you find enjoyment in the little things in your life.

Yes.You are trying to make yourself feel better, so allow yourself to acknowledge that. “Hell yes! I will enjoy this.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Week Day “tiny” audio clips and quotes – We invite you to get your daily sound bite from spirit here.
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And we wish only to reflect back to you the essence of who you are. All of the answers for you come from who you truly be, who you truly be, and the unfolding of it in your life comes from your essence.
You are such a beautiful soul, dear one.
We invite you to recognize this very fully. For when you can allow in an interaction like this, that is full of so much love for you, you increase your ability to allow yourself to let in more love from yourself. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We are all about the feeling and the resonance.

We enjoy, we enjoy playing with the words, and playing with your thinking mind because that is a part of who you are as a blended being, but so many of you do not remember and tend to forget as you are going through your physical lives, about the magnificent Vibrational Being that you are.

And you are ALWAYS this magnificent Vibrational being but you don’t always remember that it is a part of who you are, and so you deny it, or you look everywhere around it.

It is like the elephant in the middle of the room that they speak of. You try to look all around it to find your solutions, but your solution is in the Vibrational Being that You Are, that is everything, that is filling up the room in front of you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish to say also, that when we interact with you, or when we interact with others, for you to be able to open yourself up in the speaking of your truth, and the speaking of your concerns, that helps to open up your vibration to the receiving of the answers within your thinking mind. When you are afraid to speak the words and you would prefer to do it on a level allowing us to bring forth the answering while you’re withholding the questioning, understand that your vibration is still very closed off from that point. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will offer you what we flow as a Vibrational Answering. And what we want you to understand before we give you this vibrational understanding, is that we are going to give this to you as Pure Vibration because in the journey that you are on you need to be able, and you DESIRE to be able to understand this Yourself. And to find your answers and to recognize them.

We are going to say that the vibration that we will share with you will settle into your cells, into the very cells of your being. It will activate them to be resonant with the answers that you seek.

You will begin to notice the answers showing up for you. The answering communication from your inner being, you will notice this showing up. You will also notice the answers showing up from unasked questions.

It will begin to be more activated within you because when your vibration is resonant with the answers, you can let it in.

And so, we will give this to you and we invite you to be open to noticing where these answers are showing up for you. Yes?

For your thinking mind we are going to share with you that we are sending this vibration out to you now, but we are going to give it a little bit more form by bringing it into song for you.

(Vibrational Answering)

Yes, our dear one. This will be fun for you to play with, even if at this time your thinking mind does not understand it.

You will begin to see the evidence. Yes? It does not need to understand it. You will begin to see the evidence. This will, mm, pop up for you everywhere. And we invite you to be aware when it does and to recognize, “Oh, yes, yes, this really is happening.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You need not be concerned. You need not be hesitant.

You need not be so careful with your steps.

The way has been cleared for you. The answers will come to you. We are so happy that you are asking. It is in your asking that you will find greater alignment with the answers.

In your not asking, in your hesitancy, you created pauses.

And that, our dear one, is quite fine.

We know that you perceive the pauses as a delay

You perceive it as a misstep on your part, or a perception of something lacking in you…

But the pauses are just space, openings…

Space and openness is good, dear one.


And we know that you feel a sense of anxiousness, that you feel that the pauses are holding you up, holding you back… This is not so.

The pauses are creating openings for you.

And this will work to your advantage. All is well dear one, everything is flowing in perfect synchronicity.

You are missing out on nothing, and in your pauses new opportunities are created – more possibilities.

Nothing is being taken away, it is only expanding… ~Aaron

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Enough of you can resonate to tip others – Yes.

Yes, certainly that is what is happening in your physical experience now. It is happening as more of you understand, as more of you spend more time in your understanding, resonant moments, ahh, others are picking up on that, others are being tickled by that feeling and wondering, “What is that? What is that?” and they are opening to the answering vibration. ~Aaron

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We are enjoying our time with you because we feel …mmm… we feel the unfolding in you, we feel your readiness to live the answers you are allowing. ~Aaron

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We want you to allow yourself to tap in and pay attention to the vibration, to the feeling that you receive as you listen to the answers, as you listen to the discussions, because we come forth with much more vibration than just the words that are spoken. ~Aaron

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