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We will assure you that when you ask for help, you receive it.
Ask more often, dear one. (…)
Being on your own is an illusion of your physical experience. ~Solarum

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And sometimes people are asking so strongly that when the answer occurs it is almost like a crack in their reality – like a break.

It can be experienced in a painful way, but it can open up your reality into new understandings. ~Aaron

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Choices that in physical seem painful, are not viewed in that way from the non-physical.

There is often choice, coming into a lifetime to experience certain challenges to allow for greater expansion, greater asking, greater connection, greater blendedness…

Life is viewed as an adventure and as an opportunity.

But there is no pain (paying?) of debt in this lifetime because of actions in previous lifetimes. ~Aaron

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Open to more

Being able to ask and question and feel the wanting of more allows you to open up to more.
It is a good thing. ~Aaron

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