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Certainly you will recognize that throughout our interactions with everyone, we very often like to play with inserting clues because of the inability of those in physical to fully take it all in yet.

They are asking questions, yes, very often from your physical you are asking questions, you want the answers, but you are not ready for the fullness of it because there are so many nuances, so much shading to be gained from the Experience in your physical.

And yes, these clues work very well, because when it is unfolding, as the answering is unfolding more fully, THEN they recognize the clue, and they can appreciate the tying together, and they can appreciate the gift of the clue. Yes.

And from your physical experience, even though there is the asking, even though there is the asking to Know, to Know, to Know, your desire of the experience of being physical is to enjoy the unfolding, yes, to experience being a part of the unfolding, and the joy of seeing “oh yes, there was that route sign. I did so good. I followed the path and I came here. I made it here.”

And from your physical experience you are much better able to take ownership of the experience when it is allowed to unfold through clues rather than being bashed over the head with the entire knowing. Yes?

And WE, from non-physical, we want you to be Empowered Beings. We want you to be empowered. We want you to enjoy the thrill of learning, of growing, of being more in this now moment than you were in the now moment just before. Yes. That is WHY you are here. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Re: Ferguson *Yesterday afternoon I was doing a personal connection with Aaron and spent about 9 minutes sharing my questions and intention before I connected with them – and in all that speaking and thinking, there was nothing about Ferguson – but they had a message to share and loving vibration to flow… ~Stephanie Udana

We know also of your desire to spread peace, light, love over all of those who are feeling pained by the situation in Ferguson. We know there are a great many who are feeling pained by this and we know that you feel a sense of connection because of the proximity to this area where you grew up.
Through you we amplify this knowing of the creative and inherent power within each being on your planet. Each one is God. Yes. Each one has this power of divine love, but many have been trained away from the knowing of this. Yes?
Matters not the color of their skin. Beings of any color possible have been trained away. Yes?
We, through you, send out a vibration that we are similarly sending out through others, yes? You are not the only one we send out this vibration through. We are sending out the vibration to activate the cells of any who are open to it, to recognize the divine love that flows through them – the divine love that they BE. Yes. And the power that is inherent with their BEing.
(Powerful silence) There need be no tones with this. You feel the vibration throughout your cells. You see the light. You see the cells of others being activated. You feel the amplification of the love.
You are loved. You are love. You are loved. You are love.
(More Powerful Silence)
Yes, you see the angels that have been placed among them. All is well, dear one. All is well.
More love is coming because of the asking that has come from this. Yes.
More inherent divine love empowerment is coming. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You need not be concerned. You need not be hesitant.

You need not be so careful with your steps.

The way has been cleared for you. The answers will come to you. We are so happy that you are asking. It is in your asking that you will find greater alignment with the answers.

In your not asking, in your hesitancy, you created pauses.

And that, our dear one, is quite fine.

We know that you perceive the pauses as a delay

You perceive it as a misstep on your part, or a perception of something lacking in you…

But the pauses are just space, openings…

Space and openness is good, dear one.


And we know that you feel a sense of anxiousness, that you feel that the pauses are holding you up, holding you back… This is not so.

The pauses are creating openings for you.

And this will work to your advantage. All is well dear one, everything is flowing in perfect synchronicity.

You are missing out on nothing, and in your pauses new opportunities are created – more possibilities.

Nothing is being taken away, it is only expanding… ~Aaron

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You, dear one, have agreed to serve in this way.
It is ok for you to be questioning. It is alright for you to be uncertain.

As you ask for certainty, as you participate and play in the connection with us, your certainty will be revealed. ~Aaron

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As long as you are doing this – consciously choosing to move into the loving vibration, consciously choosing to move into the vibration of appreciation – you are changing yourself, you are changing the structure of who you BE expressing in physical.

And life will become so much easier for you. But you do not have to do it 24 hours a day. That is too much pressure for you at this point.

But to consciously return to it – to consciously move into this higher vibration a couple of times a day for a couple of minutes would benefit you greatly. Especially as you have such strong asking pouring forth from you right now. ~Aaron

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