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There is no need for you to give until it hurts.
When you give, when you love, and you are in Vibrational integrity, it does not hurt.
It feels good.
Be aware of that on a more subtle level.
Be aware of what you are feeling.
Choose to love – but choose to take very good care of yourself, dear one.
Choose to love yourself.
Choose to honor yourself. ~Solarum

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We wish for you to be aware of when you are trying to talk yourself out of the full realization of your power and your magic in the alignment that you have with your source vibration.
Nothing is more powerful in your experience than your alignment with your source vibration. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will offer you what we flow as a Vibrational Answering. And what we want you to understand before we give you this vibrational understanding, is that we are going to give this to you as Pure Vibration because in the journey that you are on you need to be able, and you DESIRE to be able to understand this Yourself. And to find your answers and to recognize them.

We are going to say that the vibration that we will share with you will settle into your cells, into the very cells of your being. It will activate them to be resonant with the answers that you seek.

You will begin to notice the answers showing up for you. The answering communication from your inner being, you will notice this showing up. You will also notice the answers showing up from unasked questions.

It will begin to be more activated within you because when your vibration is resonant with the answers, you can let it in.

And so, we will give this to you and we invite you to be open to noticing where these answers are showing up for you. Yes?

For your thinking mind we are going to share with you that we are sending this vibration out to you now, but we are going to give it a little bit more form by bringing it into song for you.

(Vibrational Answering)

Yes, our dear one. This will be fun for you to play with, even if at this time your thinking mind does not understand it.

You will begin to see the evidence. Yes? It does not need to understand it. You will begin to see the evidence. This will, mm, pop up for you everywhere. And we invite you to be aware when it does and to recognize, “Oh, yes, yes, this really is happening.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Be aware when the fear is not fear of something that is not in alignment with you, but fear of shining brightly.

Because very often those of you in physical are afraid of shining too brightly and we invite you to acknowledge it when you feel that. Oh, but to allow yourself the joy of the experience that you are here for – and you are here for a very special joyful experience, dear one. ~Aaron Connection

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Be Aware

That is what we always call you to: Be Aware; Feel; Know. And that will always guide you in the right direction. Especially as you recognize more and more that Feeling Good is GOOD – that is what you are looking for. ~Aaron

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Answering question about “crying for no reason:”

It is a release valve, and when you can begin to recognize it as such and appreciate it, you can flow straight from the tears into a feeling of satisfaction, into happiness and joy very easily.

It is a part of the physical mechanics of you “upleveling” just as the changes in sleep are.

You may feel yourself called to many changes and we invite you to be open to acknowledging the changes that you are being called to. When you feel yourself being called to eat differently or move differently… (…) Your body is calling for that and you are aware enough to hear that call and to head it. Yes, and we invite you to be open to this – to be open to recognizing what you are called to that will bring you feelings of joy, feelings of wellness, feelings of alignment. ~Aaron

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And in your life, be aware, be consciously aware of your feelings when you interact with a desire. And when it doesn’t feel good, we invite you to set it aside in whatever way is comfortable for you. We would even invite you to write a little something about it – What your thought is, where you are – so that you can release it somewhat from your thinking mind. Set it aside.

And find some way to play, to make your heart sing, to feel joy, to feel bliss, to feel giggles bubbling up from within you, to feel love overflowing from you… ahhhhmmmm…the feeling of petting puppies, feeling their warm, taught little tummies… the feeling of looking into the eyes of one that you love and being loved back… the feeling of dancing with joy… the feeling of a song that makes your heart come alive, that makes you feel like moving and dancing… the feeling of love and delight with watching little ones play – the feeling of love and delight allowing yourself to play like a little one…

Those all allow you to move into the feeling place, the feeling place which is a match for creating that which you desire… for living the live that you desire.

It is about the feeling and the experience in every moment that you are physical. ~Aaron

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