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We want you to know that painful situations are CHOSEN, are Chosen for their power, for the resulting benefit, for what can be gained for moving through that.

She is not a lesser soul that you need to worry about. We know that having allowed yourself to be placed in the role of her mother, this was a great lesson for you also.
You can stay with love, dear one.
You can stay with love instead of worry.
You can stay with the knowing of her magnificence and the perfection of her choosing her path in physical. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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You need not our words at times like this.
You benefit greatly from our vibration.
Breathe us in, dear one. ~Solarum

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It’s all energy
and in energy is timelessness.
Because of the timelessness
the people who will benefit
from your energy in the future…
are able to give the burst of energy,
sharing it back to you Now.
It can reflect back to you from the future! ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When you had your potato chips and you were munching down on your potato chips and you stopped and you thought about it and you were aware of what you were doing and you allowed yourself to recognize the different perceptions you could have about this – and that you HAVE had about this action…

The most recent perception that you would have, to chomping down on potato chips like that, is one of guilt, is one of an idea that you are doing something wrong for your body – you are doing something bad. Yes?

But another perception that you have held in your life, that you held when you were younger, that you held before you were 20, you held the perception that eating the chips was FUN, that eating the chips was delicious, that eating the chips was satisfying something within you. Yes.

The vibration that we want you to pick up on is the fun, and as you realized that, and as you allowed that, and as you activated that, …well, when you are having fun you are doing good for your body. As so, based only on a shift in your perception, you can change the eating of the chips from something that is bad to something that is beneficial. Any time that you are activating a vibration of FUN in your experience, that benefits you. It benefits your vibration. It benefits your physical being.

FUN is a nutrient we would like you to enjoy ever more in your life. Yes. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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FUN is a nutrient we would like you to enjoy ever more in your life.
Any time that you are activating a vibration of FUN in your experience, that benefits you.
It benefits your vibration.
It benefits your physical being. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We appreciate your presence and your basking.
We will say to you that we wish for you to recognize the benefit to the group that you give through that basking, that vibration, that presence.
We will say to each one of you: when you are feeling good, when you are appreciating, when you are present for others, you bring an upliftment to the situation. You bring an upliftment to those around you.
Whether you be sitting in a room full of people, or walking down the street, or in your home. Yes, you can bring an upliftment to those around you through an appreciation in your presence. And we love this about you, yes. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Questioner was concerned about negative effects from Chemtrails and was trying to look away, but still feeling bad about them.

A: Mmm… We are going to give you a more powerful process right here. Rather than trying to look away, when you notice these chemtrails in your vision, we are going to ask YOU from your place of great power – deep in your center you know you have this – We wish for you to infuse those chemtrails with your love and joy.
And that it will then be infused with that and will spread THAT out across your earth.

You are going to focus upon them and fill them with your love and joy, good feelings, high vibration, and that is going to be your Fairy Dust. Yes.

You are going to recreate this into your own image of love and joy and you are going to sprinkle THAT across the world.

Yes. You are infusing that chemtrail with love so that anywhere that chemtrail goes it will have the love infusion with it. It is a powerful way to create change in your world from something that you saw as a negative into a positive.

Yes, and the resistance within you will completely erase because you will see the benefit of your love spreading across the world. And it will neutralize any negative effects that you believed were there before. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And we will tell you that many beings who are spiritually understanding are very empathetic, are very strong readers of the energy in their environment.

We invite you to switch your focus from being able to read the energies – because you all can read these other energies – You don’t need to read the other energies at all times.

What we want for you to do is to recognize that you can shoot out your higher energies. You can share that with others. You can radiate that forward and benefit the others surrounding you by your high, loving energy.

When you are in that feeling of love and appreciation, and connection, and you look on someone and imagine yourself gathering your loving, golden energy from your heart center and RADIATING it forth… radiating it forth to those who surround you.

We invite you to play with this and witness the response of the people surrounding you who you are all able to read energy… not all are conscious of it but they will react to the energy that you put out.

You need not speak words.
You need not do actions.

Consciously choose to focus your loving energy outward from yourself. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We encourage you to utilize the sound vibrations in your life to benefit you. ~Aaron

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Not everyone is called to share in this manner; not everyone desires to share in this manner; not everyone appreciates those who share in this manner…
but we will say that everyone can benefit from recognizing their connection with source.
Everyone can benefit in learning to understand their messages from source. Everyone can benefit from integrating their deep connection into their physical experience. ~Aaron

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