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As a divine being of light, there are no limitations placed upon you other than those you place upon yourself.
So begin noticing where you feel limitations because That is your call to know yourself beyond limitations. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)


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We invite you to think BEYOND the limitations that you may be used to putting on yourself, beyond the limitations of … we will say “money” but we will also say beyond the limitations of what one would expect. Yes? Allow yourself to playfully create possibilities that you may not have come up with before. And know that you will recognize the vibration – oh, it will be magnetized to you as you continue playing with the possibilities and what delights you and what lights you up.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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With the vibrational answering, it is much easier to make a connection beyond the “thinker” (Brain) within the being. Beyond the thinker. Connecting with the vibrational being that resides there, the vibrational being that is using the physical being as a vehicle for this experience.

We will say that this also accounts for the power of the soul conversations.

In those instances of soul conversation you are connecting on a vibrational level, and even though you may be thinking words, you may be using words to create the pathway of connection, that vibrational connection – that soul to soul connection, is where the power resides.

By your acknowledgment of your capability to do this – even by the acknowledgment of the POSSIBILITY to do this – when one opens up to the possibility of soul conversation, they are opening beyond: beyond the thinker, beyond the physical, they are opening into the vibrational, the soul level. Have fun with it, dear one.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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