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March 25, 2010 – 5 years ago…
They had started speaking to me and coming through in upside down and backward writing in September, 2009, and it wasn’t too long before they started telling me that I should allow them to SPEAK through me.
I was happy with the privacy of the writing and refused to speak, enduring throat issues that lasted until I finally relented, sat down to allow them to speak, and found my greatest bliss. ~Stephanie Udana

“It’s alright. We’re here.
We know you can feel us.
Thank you for letting us out to play. We’ve been waiting for this moment.
Your writing was too slow, we kept telling you that. You couldn’t keep up with us.
This will be so easy, so easy for you.” ~Solarum / Aaron


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For everything that you are appreciating, for every moment that you are enjoying, for every moment that you are relaxing, we wish for you to recognize that you are being paid by the Universe.

We will say to you that this is the way that the Universe can work, and so many who are in physical have gotten caught up in the fears about having to “work hard” for their money, but we want to tell you that when you are in alignment with your bliss, with appreciation, with love – when you are in alignment with that, and you Recognize it, the Universe can open the doorways and you can receive.
And in your recognition of this, in your knowing that this is how the Universe works: When you are in alignment with your joy you can receive abundance.
We wish for you to begin to envision yourself as an open doorway. When you are having fun and enjoying yourself and the money is coming to you, and the money is coming to you for this alignment. The abundance!

We wish for you to recognize that it can show up in many different ways. And we wish for you to allow it and acknowledge it in Every Way that it shows up for you – because sometimes it may not show up directly as dollars – sometimes it may show up as experiences that are worth a great deal, and as you appreciate that and recognize that as something that you have allowed into your experience it will also show up financially for you.

And you can align in your bliss, in this paradise experience, you can align with the ideas and the open doorways and the offerings to you of exactly that which you desire – exactly that which you desire. Yes.
And it can come to you in ways that you could not have planned, that you could not have worked hard enough to create the opportunities that will magically be handed to you because of your alignment and your fun. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When you are in connection with us, ahhh, we help to bring you into a more blended state – but you have to do your part also.
And so, when you are in this blended state you are Physical, and you are a Thinker, but you are Spirit and you are activating all aspects of yourself together. This is the highest form of bliss.
This is why you come forth into physical – for the opportunity of experiencing the bliss of being a blended being. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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It is not about you missing an opportunity to follow your bliss. Those opportunities will be there. Those opportunities are not going anywhere. Those opportunities are not hampered by those around you at all. Those opportunities keep coming – keep coming.
And as you find your stronger alignment, as you recognize where you have some old beliefs, where you have some old energetic ties that you no longer want, you are able to shift, to acknowledge that, to release that, to move more towards where you wish to be. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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We know that your physical mind returns again and again to trying to figure it out, trying to plan it out, trying to work it out: “How can I bring more money into my experience? How can I bring more abundance, more connection into my experience?”

And once again, we tell you: the abundance shows up when you return to bliss again and again, when you return to appreciation again and again, when you make the conscious choice – when you make the conscious choice to choose the feelings that feel better to you, when you make the conscious choice to enjoy the life that is before you now, when you make the conscious choice to be playful, to have fun, to know that all is well.

When you are TRYING to work things out, to figure things out, you are holding yourself in place, you are spinning your wheels so to speak… but when you are just enjoying yourself, when you fling open the doors in your life and let the air in, when you appreciate, when you laugh, when you play… this cues up the abundance for you. ~Aaron

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That is a part of your process and a part of you finding clarity.
All is well, dear one. And we wish to say to you that you need not push against others who use that word. You need not, especially from your thinking mind, you need not come up with arguments or explanations.
Feel the love. Feel the bliss.
You will find that you move forward much more quickly when you are able to relax when you feel resistance. Relax, let go, rather than clenching up around the resistance. ~Aaron

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We are calling you to more joyful movement.
We are calling you to more connection with nature.
We are calling you to laugh more. We are calling you to more joy.
Come on! C’mon! The water’s fine.
Join us in the bliss, dear one. Join us. ~Aaron Connection

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