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Questioner feels blocked, like she may be “hitting a wall.”

A: There is no wall. The wall is in your imagination and just as easily as you can create your future, or you can create staying where you are, you have created the wall. And, allow yourself to play with the image of dissolving or blowing away that wall. It is not solid. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will tell you, that the UNknowing is important also.
When you have it “figured out” in your mind – where you’re going, how you’re going to get there – ah, that limits you. It puts up walls along your path, and all of the delightful things Source can provide to you, off to the side, you are not able to see because of the walls along your path.
Yes. When you are able to be in this space of Openness – which we very much feel that you are – when you are able to be in this space of openness, and find comfort in the uncertainty, when you can recognize that the uncertainty equates with possibility, Yes, when you recognize that the uncertainty equates with Possibility, you can go so much further than you can with your limited ideas. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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The first thing we are going to say is: we want you to recognize the fear and hesitation that you even have to acknowledge “this”, because we will say that THAT causes more blockage for you than the actual (issue) itself. Yes?

We wish for you to FEEL that.
There need be no fear of what you notice.

When you notice something , you notice it. And then, if it’s something that you do not Prefer you can then think, “What do I prefer? I’m noticing this thing that I don’t prefer – what do I prefer?” But do not be afraid of noticing it. Because when you are afraid of noticing it you build up more barriers and that does not benefit you. And we will tell you, that when you notice this feeling of it being Overwhelming, Yes, that is a message to you. If it is overwhelming That does not feel good, and so what you are looking for is, “What feels good to me?”

And we invite you to find ways to play with this that are done without judgment on yourself. You can notice it and notice, “Oh, this happened. Oh, I am not fond of the way that this feels right now. What do I like?” And, begin to notice what you Do Like and allow yourself to follow the inspiration because you will find the inspiration to move you forward.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We invite you to recognize that when you are doing this, when you are expressing your soul purpose, When you are expressing your soul purpose, you are loosing the bond, you are opening the walls that have been put in place before your riches – before the money and the rich physical experience that you wish to have as you have blocked that off.

But when you are expressing your Soul Purpose, you open that doorway. You open it and it can flow to you. And we invite you to not put limits on HOW that flows to you.
Do not limit it to flowing through a financial response from what seems to be the specific beneficiary of your connection.

Allow yourself to recognize that when you are expressing your soul purpose, the Universe Sings. And when the universe sings your soul song with you, allow yourself to envision the universe raining abundance on you. Know that it will get to you. Know that you can receive it because it is raining down on you.
And the more that you express within your soul purpose, the more any blockages to receiving it disappear. ~Aaron Connection

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There is an added jolt of energy in spirit when you release your physical bodies.

And when you are in connection in physical with someone who has this experience, if you are tuned in or not blocked off from this experience, you can feel the bliss, the joy, the alignment from non-physical. ~Aaron

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