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What we will say to you is that from your spirit self, yes, when you are planning to come forth into physical, yes, you do not plan for everything to look like it’s turning out perfectly. Yes? Because there would be no growth in that.

There would be no growth if Everything just seems to be going perfectly. Then why go into physical from spirit? Yes?

So, when you are doing the planning, because from your spirit knowing, you know that there is no Endedness. Yes? You know that there is no Endedness.

Going along with that, because you know there is no Endedness, there is no Wrong. Yes?

We would say that when choices are made that may feel painful, that may hurt someone, or hurt yourself, yes, that pain from physical – that emotional pain or that physical pain – it calls you to want more.

It calls you to want more love. It calls you to want more peace. It calls you to want more connection and understanding. Yes?

And so, these choices, these actions, that may appear wrong, or appear bad, from your physical experience, might be planned out very well from spirit, yes, to be that call to more; to cause you to turn in a new direction, Yes, to cause you to seek something in a new way, to cause you to have the choice to express love rather than judgment. Yes?

And so these are the growing points, yes? These are the expansion points. And we would say that it is all good. What you are seeking in your physical life is to feel good, to feel better, Yes?, and so these choices, these mistakes – what you may perceive as mistakes from your physical thinking mind, or many would perceive them as Sins, yes, they like to label them in that way – We would say No. They are points of growth, points of expansion.

And very often, some of what you consider to be the most horrendous acts from your physical perspective have been agreed to by all parties from spirit. Yes?

This understanding does not necessarily leak through to the physical thinking mind, but the agreement has been there. It can be your greatest soul mate who ends your life. Yes?

We would say to you that these decisions to work together in this way, yes, they are well planned out. And they are planned out with LOVE from non-physical, even though they may not have that appearance from physical. Yes.

The illusion of your physical experience creates the expansion that we all seek. Yes. ~Solarum, July 2015

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Question: If everything is Now and in reality there is no past and present, and other lifetimes aren’t in the past or future… From the soul perspective, do the souls not know already before they go into physical how this life will end? How do they not know this? How do they not know this life is going to end in suicide – or do they?

THIS comes back to other questions you have asked us, yes, about the difference between how you can have the blueprints and how you can have free will. Yes?

And this is part of the fun you are experiencing here because your Spirit is overseeing, yes, but you get the experience – when you come into physical, yes, you are playing in this illusion. By allowing yourself to come into physical, you are playing with the rules of this game. Yes?

And so there is great intention in the coming forth into physical, yes?, but, in so doing, there is also an Allowingan allowing of the physical experience, an allowing of the physical thinking mind, an allowing of the beliefs that come from being physical, and an allowing of the choice in the journey. Yes.

And so, although there is a … there is a sense of all-knowing, but we will say that sense of all-knowing is beyond that because it is all-LOVE.

Knowing is a lower vibration than Love. Yes. This is taking us into new places, yes.

The KNOWING is a lower vibration than the LOVE.

So, if spirit were to lower themselves to the KNOWING then they are dropping out of the LOVE that they be. Yes.

And We delight in the way that your questioning unfolded to allow that. Very good, dear one. ~Solarum, July 2015

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All is going very well, dear one.
There are plans in place.
You do not need to worry about doing anything that feels too hard.
When you are open to the love that you Be, to the love that We BE, we can easily get you there, dear one.
You are going to have so much fun with this ride….
You are. We will remind you. Yes.
We are here to play with you.
We delight in you.
We love you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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All is going very well dear one. There are plans in place. You do not need to worry about doing anything that feels too hard.
When you are open to the love that you be, to the love that we be, we can easily get you there, dear one. You are going to have so much fun with this ride. You are. We will remind you. Yes. We are here to play with you. We delight in you. We love you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say that the Choices for your experience in physical are.. they are pre-planned. There are blueprints from your… we will say your Higher self, the spirit part of you that comes down into the physical. So from your higher self there is a blueprint and a pre-planning, based on what experiences will benefit the expansion of your soul as you would see it singularly – from your individual self – but also the Pluralness, the One that We All Are Together expands through the experiences of each one who goes into physical, who takes this adventure.
And so, there is a blueprint. There is a knowing beforehand, before even entering into physical – and we are using words that relate to time only because that is your perspective from physical. You can understand more easily in that way. But it is decided beforehand how long, what types of exiting experiences will most benefit the soul going in and the souls around them. And this is chosen beforehand.
You very often live many many lifetimes with the souls that your surround yourself with. So you play this out in many different ways through many different lifetimes.
We will say that you do have great … great control, great power of choice from your physical as far as the vibration that you put out, the perceptions that you have.
It is possible at any point to change the blueprint.
That is Possible to do, but we will say that it … … we will say that it is possible if it is for the highest good of all concerned. And very often, what is for the highest good of all concerned would not be perceived as being the highest good from your physical perspective. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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The (physical) journeys chosen may seem hard and painful.

We will tell you that all is well in the divine plan. All is well, dear one.
And yes, there is pain through physical… and we share love.

And we send forth to you this love also, our dear one. For in the roles that you have chosen in this physical experience, you have your own points of expansion, and you have the job of finding the balance that works best for you and those around you.

Line up with love. Line up with love at every point you possibly can. Let this be your core compass.
Remain in. Return when necessary to the love that you know, to the love that you be.
You are not alone. No one of you is alone.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We call into connection those who are aligned with the highest good.

We call in to connection those who are aligned with the love we share.

We call into connection those who spark the delight and play within you.

We call in to connection those who have been awaiting our call.

Yes, this has been preplanned. Yes, this has been awaiting the alignment of the energies. Yes, it will come forth perfectly as everything unfolds. Like dominoes touching one another off. Perfect alignment. So is your life, our dear one. So is your life. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We would say that it is a very fun Blueprint that you are all co-creating.

We would explain that before you come forth into these physical expressions you do have a blueprint of what you would like to create: the lessons you would like to learn, the expansion you would like to experience.

We would say, that in your each and every moment you are able to change these blueprints to what may suit you better in this moment. And we would say, that although there is a connection, there is a Big Picture of What Is Happening – you each have your Own Perspective of it. You can find your own way to perceive it and to understand it. And what One says is not true for All. But if you find resonance, if you find that it feels good, and you are enjoying that journey and that perspective, Dive In.

But we wish to let you know that anyone else who has a different perspective, they are not necessarily Wrong and you are Right. You each are creating your own world from your singular perspective. You are creating your own experience. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We are here, Little One.

You made certain agreements.

There is no need for you to go forward in the pain.

You CAN change this to love.

You CAN change this to love.

It is always in your control, how you perceive. Always, dear one.

Matters not what they are doing. Matters not what they are doing.

You, dear one, are powerful.

You are a powerful creator because of your consciousness about it.

You know that it does not feel good to believe that this is something that was predestined that you must go with.

This was in your blue prints. You recognize that. You recognize the connection and how this was included.

But, little one, you need not continue to build from the blue prints if they are not acceptable to you in this moment.

You have grown. You can shift. You can create beautifully from this expansion point.

You have the power to create. You have the power to change your vibration, to change your perspective and belief on THIS issue.

There are those who can tell you the way it has been planned out.

There are those who can read your blueprints.

Recognize it for what it is. You are the conscious creator.

You can infuse this situation with love.

You know that there is matching vibration of love that can be fully activated when YOU can find it within yourself.

As long as you remain in fear, in worry, in concern, in sadness and grieving… as long as you remain there this will continue as preplanned. Or, you can correct the blue prints now.

You can infuse this situation with love.

You have felt yourself shifting; you have felt yourself recognizing and expanding in ideas.

And yet, you allow fear and grieving to hold you back from the fullness of your understanding – from the fullness of your creation.

There is no need for you to create in this way.

You can find the vibration of love and activate – activate that pure vibration around you. That is all that will touch you.

Activate that vibration around you, dear one.

We invite you to settle back into this.

Ahh, we invite you to breathe deeply.

Allow the love that is you.

Allow the love that IS flow through you.

Quit pinching it off.

Allow yourself to envision any pinching off to be released…

The love and the light flowing through you – unimpeded.

Flowing through you and radiating from you;

Attracting and matching up to that which matches it.

Allow only the love.

Allow yourself to feel this. Allow yourself to envision this.

Allow yourself to know that any situation that is not a match will fall away.

Your love is all they need.

You need not figure anything out for them.

You need not tell them what to do.

You need only love them.

Step back into love.

And when you feel yourself moving away from it, hear us calling you back, calling you back to center, calling you back to love.

We’re always calling you back… Joyfully, embracing you, with love, with light, with a higher knowing…

This love is all that you need know.

And then it’s always fun to go from the place of love and peace to joy, to giddiness…

It’s easy to slip right into that once you’ve reached this vibration of peace and love.

We are always with you.

We remain with you in love, dear.

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You all do come forth with blueprints.

You come forth with ideas and plans but you get to choose what you do with those blueprints. You can change them throughout your life.

But you do come forth with them, with those ideas. And when you begin to hit upon points that match, that bring forth great desire in you, that bring forth bliss, that bring forth joy… when you hit on those matching points that you desire, ahh, then you feel the resonance. ~Aaron

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