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Questioner was concerned about negative effects from Chemtrails and was trying to look away, but still feeling bad about them.

A: Mmm… We are going to give you a more powerful process right here. Rather than trying to look away, when you notice these chemtrails in your vision, we are going to ask YOU from your place of great power – deep in your center you know you have this – We wish for you to infuse those chemtrails with your love and joy.
And that it will then be infused with that and will spread THAT out across your earth.

You are going to focus upon them and fill them with your love and joy, good feelings, high vibration, and that is going to be your Fairy Dust. Yes.

You are going to recreate this into your own image of love and joy and you are going to sprinkle THAT across the world.

Yes. You are infusing that chemtrail with love so that anywhere that chemtrail goes it will have the love infusion with it. It is a powerful way to create change in your world from something that you saw as a negative into a positive.

Yes, and the resistance within you will completely erase because you will see the benefit of your love spreading across the world. And it will neutralize any negative effects that you believed were there before. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

We will say to you that you have come to know Time to be the rules of the game that you are playing. Yes? You see it as being the rules of the game you are playing and now that you are interacting with us, we get to let you in on a secret: You can change the rules of the game. You can change the rules of the game to be more delightful to you.

And we will say, yes, you are certainly playing with time because it is in your understanding, it has been your experience, but You Now are in a place, in a state of openness where you can allow yourself to recognize that you have your connection to your spirit self who is Beyond the constructs of time. And this spirit self part of you – it is a part of you, so you are playing together, yes? And you may step more fully into That understanding, that timeless understanding. You may invite your higher self to give you glimpses of the experience of that timelessness.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Oh, there is great power in Acknowledging the wrong (limiting) beliefs that you have created in your life, and Changing them. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When you can get in there and truly FEEL the great joy and fulfillment in what is possible through You fully expressing in this way, and sharing these tools, and knowing and feeling the power of these tools that you have to share – your vibration in alignment with this, your vibration of pure joy and ecstasy at what is possible, this will radiate out, touch the vibration of those who can help you move forward with this.
Your vibration and your feelings of what is possible, your running through the scenarios with great feeling emphasis of what can happen in your world through your sharing of this, and the great thanks, the great joy – oh! As you get in and truly immerse yourself in this vibration – not worrying about the hows – at least not for these moments that you spend getting into this vibration. Allow the hows to fall away and allow yourself to truly immerse in this joyful exhilarating vibration of the change that can be created, of the blossoming that can occur through your sharing of your tools. And this vibration will ripple out from you and touch others.
It will burn a brighter fire in your passion so that as you have the opportunity to share with others about what you want to do – oh, your vibration will draw them in, will sweep them away with the great joy of the possibilities.
People will be so happy to help you, to help you find the ways to implement this.
Others will be on your side and working for you to be able to experience this sharing.
And the more time that you spend in this feeling vibration of the joy of the possibilities of what can happen, the more quickly your vibration will reach out and knock and tap on the shoulders of others who can help you bring it about. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We would say that it is a very fun Blueprint that you are all co-creating.

We would explain that before you come forth into these physical expressions you do have a blueprint of what you would like to create: the lessons you would like to learn, the expansion you would like to experience.

We would say, that in your each and every moment you are able to change these blueprints to what may suit you better in this moment. And we would say, that although there is a connection, there is a Big Picture of What Is Happening – you each have your Own Perspective of it. You can find your own way to perceive it and to understand it. And what One says is not true for All. But if you find resonance, if you find that it feels good, and you are enjoying that journey and that perspective, Dive In.

But we wish to let you know that anyone else who has a different perspective, they are not necessarily Wrong and you are Right. You each are creating your own world from your singular perspective. You are creating your own experience. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling without any judgment. Allow yourself to experience what you are experiencing with love.

Allow yourself the opportunity to slip from who you were into who you are.

Nothing is wrong all all, dear one, but the energy is very powerful.

You are making monumental shifts, monumental changes, within your very self, within your body, within your life.

And you may feel that you are wasting time and being lazy in your sleeping at this point, but know that you are allowing the energy to do its work.

We know there are parts of you that doubt us.

But this is a very strong energy, creating great shifts.

And you are much less resistant to the shifting while you are napping.

All is well, dear one. Do not be concerned. Be appreciative that you can feel and you can allow. ~Aaron Connection

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We are here, Little One.

You made certain agreements.

There is no need for you to go forward in the pain.

You CAN change this to love.

You CAN change this to love.

It is always in your control, how you perceive. Always, dear one.

Matters not what they are doing. Matters not what they are doing.

You, dear one, are powerful.

You are a powerful creator because of your consciousness about it.

You know that it does not feel good to believe that this is something that was predestined that you must go with.

This was in your blue prints. You recognize that. You recognize the connection and how this was included.

But, little one, you need not continue to build from the blue prints if they are not acceptable to you in this moment.

You have grown. You can shift. You can create beautifully from this expansion point.

You have the power to create. You have the power to change your vibration, to change your perspective and belief on THIS issue.

There are those who can tell you the way it has been planned out.

There are those who can read your blueprints.

Recognize it for what it is. You are the conscious creator.

You can infuse this situation with love.

You know that there is matching vibration of love that can be fully activated when YOU can find it within yourself.

As long as you remain in fear, in worry, in concern, in sadness and grieving… as long as you remain there this will continue as preplanned. Or, you can correct the blue prints now.

You can infuse this situation with love.

You have felt yourself shifting; you have felt yourself recognizing and expanding in ideas.

And yet, you allow fear and grieving to hold you back from the fullness of your understanding – from the fullness of your creation.

There is no need for you to create in this way.

You can find the vibration of love and activate – activate that pure vibration around you. That is all that will touch you.

Activate that vibration around you, dear one.

We invite you to settle back into this.

Ahh, we invite you to breathe deeply.

Allow the love that is you.

Allow the love that IS flow through you.

Quit pinching it off.

Allow yourself to envision any pinching off to be released…

The love and the light flowing through you – unimpeded.

Flowing through you and radiating from you;

Attracting and matching up to that which matches it.

Allow only the love.

Allow yourself to feel this. Allow yourself to envision this.

Allow yourself to know that any situation that is not a match will fall away.

Your love is all they need.

You need not figure anything out for them.

You need not tell them what to do.

You need only love them.

Step back into love.

And when you feel yourself moving away from it, hear us calling you back, calling you back to center, calling you back to love.

We’re always calling you back… Joyfully, embracing you, with love, with light, with a higher knowing…

This love is all that you need know.

And then it’s always fun to go from the place of love and peace to joy, to giddiness…

It’s easy to slip right into that once you’ve reached this vibration of peace and love.

We are always with you.

We remain with you in love, dear.

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To change up your life when you have created habits that do not serve you, you often have to find ways to consciously step beyond your comfort zone.
Your comfort zone keeps you entangled with all that you have become comfortable with. Ah, but there is so much more. ~Aaron

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You are god-force playing in physical.
Yes, playing. Yes we invite more play. We invite more delight with the life that surrounds you that can be so easily focused upon as normal. We invite you to look for opportunities for a joyful focus within your daily life.
We invite you to change things up from the routine that is not working for you.
We invite you to look through beginner’s eyes. We invite you to look through the eyes of innocence, delight, …
Look unto your life, see as if for the first time.
Allow it to all delight you.
There is no need for you to know everything.
There is no need for you to stand in a position of adult-hood. There is no need to stand in a position of knowing that blocks you off from your delight, that blocks you off from your innocent joy. ~Aaron

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Answering question about “crying for no reason:”

It is a release valve, and when you can begin to recognize it as such and appreciate it, you can flow straight from the tears into a feeling of satisfaction, into happiness and joy very easily.

It is a part of the physical mechanics of you “upleveling” just as the changes in sleep are.

You may feel yourself called to many changes and we invite you to be open to acknowledging the changes that you are being called to. When you feel yourself being called to eat differently or move differently… (…) Your body is calling for that and you are aware enough to hear that call and to head it. Yes, and we invite you to be open to this – to be open to recognizing what you are called to that will bring you feelings of joy, feelings of wellness, feelings of alignment. ~Aaron

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