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What we need to convey to you, our dear one, is that those who take their life … they find the relief they are looking for, but yet, from this position of release, they see the choices they did not make. They know the possibilities. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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They will only be able to see you through loving eyes when you are only seeing them through loving eyes. Anything that would cause them to feel uncomfortable about your choices would not be visible to them. (…)

And as you play with this, loving them, loving you… the love bubble around you, they will bounce off of it. ~Aaron

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What we want you to do is consider feeling good to be forefront in your mind when you are making choices in your daily life.

And so, we invite you to come up with a list.  This will be very helpful for you.

Come up with a list of joy triggers in your life – a list of little things that bring you joy. Or, when you notice little things in your day, add them to your list, so that when you are faced with the prospect of doing something that doesn’t feel so good, choose something from your joy triggers.

And we are talking about simple, little, easy, quick things that you know make you feel good. Whether you are looking online at your wonderful internet and choosing to look at a video of a baby laughing; or whether you are choosing to read a section of a book or a quote from someone who inspires you or makes you feel good; or whether you choose to watch a tv show or listen to music that makes you feel like dancing… Come up with your list. ~Aaron

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