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It need not be hard.
It is malleable.
It is nothingness and everythingness – just as we are.
You decide where to give it form.
Give it form playfully and resist not.
When you find yourself pushing against something, Release.
Notice that you have erected something hard and solid there.
Find the easy way through, dear one.
Play with it more. Play with it more. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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In each and every moment if you choose to have fun,
if you choose to enjoy where you are in that moment rather than worry about how you are going to get to where you want to be,
if you relax into the joy that is possible in the moment, mmm, getting where you want to be will flow seamlessly, dear one. ~Solarum

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We want you to know that painful situations are CHOSEN, are Chosen for their power, for the resulting benefit, for what can be gained for moving through that.

She is not a lesser soul that you need to worry about. We know that having allowed yourself to be placed in the role of her mother, this was a great lesson for you also.
You can stay with love, dear one.
You can stay with love instead of worry.
You can stay with the knowing of her magnificence and the perfection of her choosing her path in physical. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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Know that your role in this is to stay playful,
to release fears as they pop up – you can certainly notice them,
but we invite you to know they are No Longer Beneficial to you.
You can choose differently. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As you have chosen to come forth at this time in the timeline, in the physical timeline on your planet, the interactions at this time, the awakening at this time, the remembering at this time, is greater than ever before. There is much more to come, much more to unfold to, but at this point there are great numbers on your planet who have reached an understanding, an ability to connect with where they be, with the possibilities, with spirit, to blend together into the triune beings that you are.

We are calling to you, we are speaking to you at all times and as you choose to tune in to us, to listen for our call, to listen for your connection, as you do this you are better able to recognize our words, to recognize your knowing through us, to recognize that you are all one.

You are all one who can connect your intentions, who share your intentions as they ripple out through your pluralness and are reflected back to you through one another. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And we will tell you that many beings who are spiritually understanding are very empathetic, are very strong readers of the energy in their environment.

We invite you to switch your focus from being able to read the energies – because you all can read these other energies – You don’t need to read the other energies at all times.

What we want for you to do is to recognize that you can shoot out your higher energies. You can share that with others. You can radiate that forward and benefit the others surrounding you by your high, loving energy.

When you are in that feeling of love and appreciation, and connection, and you look on someone and imagine yourself gathering your loving, golden energy from your heart center and RADIATING it forth… radiating it forth to those who surround you.

We invite you to play with this and witness the response of the people surrounding you who you are all able to read energy… not all are conscious of it but they will react to the energy that you put out.

You need not speak words.
You need not do actions.

Consciously choose to focus your loving energy outward from yourself. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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The first thing we are going to say is: we want you to recognize the fear and hesitation that you even have to acknowledge “this”, because we will say that THAT causes more blockage for you than the actual (issue) itself. Yes?

We wish for you to FEEL that.
There need be no fear of what you notice.

When you notice something , you notice it. And then, if it’s something that you do not Prefer you can then think, “What do I prefer? I’m noticing this thing that I don’t prefer – what do I prefer?” But do not be afraid of noticing it. Because when you are afraid of noticing it you build up more barriers and that does not benefit you. And we will tell you, that when you notice this feeling of it being Overwhelming, Yes, that is a message to you. If it is overwhelming That does not feel good, and so what you are looking for is, “What feels good to me?”

And we invite you to find ways to play with this that are done without judgment on yourself. You can notice it and notice, “Oh, this happened. Oh, I am not fond of the way that this feels right now. What do I like?” And, begin to notice what you Do Like and allow yourself to follow the inspiration because you will find the inspiration to move you forward.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Why do you have fear – why do you have fear?

The fear is the weight of your physical self holding back.
The physical self is so dense compared with your soul, your spirit.
And when you chose to come here to earth, and when you chose to connect with, enter into, these physical bodies, THIS is the game you chose. And the quandary is: how to embody the fullness of your spirit thru your physical vehicle.
It is the experience you came here for,
and the fear, the fear is a part of the physical.
It is the ballast, the weight, to your balloon.
You can release the weight that holds you down while still maintaining your physical. It becomes a balancing act and as you meditate, as you connect with other spiritually focused beings, as you allow yourself to come more fully back into the knowing of your spiritual self, as you allow this to happen, you can drop away the weights.
You can release them. ~Aaron Connection

*Quote from the first recorded vocal connection

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We will say that there are so many things out there for you to delight in … and when you notice the ones that do not feel good to you, recognize that as an invitation to find something different. ~Aaron Connection

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It is Oh, so much more freeing to allow ones self to Recognize what you are feeling. Because when you are feeling Fear, Negativity, Lacking… when you are feeling that from your human perspective, this is an Indicator.

It is an Indicator, it is Not a JUDGMENT.

When you can look at the indicator, and Acknowledge what it is speaking to you, you can then choose otherwise.
You can then take the actions or the focusing of your attention on Appreciation, but we Do invite you to recognize the indicators. For when you do not pay attention to the indicators, ah, the indicators keep getting stronger in your life. This is where, very often, people develop diseases because the indicator is trying to show itself more strongly. ~Aaron Connection

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