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When the weight begins to come on in those situations it is like Padding for you. It is a way of your body reacting to add padding to protect you, yes?

And when you do not feel the need for that protection, when you are feeling well, when you are feeling Vibrant, then yes you can release that and let that go. But we would invite you to notice and to acknowledge it lovingly, “Yes. I can appreciate that this is my body’s reaction to pad me, to comfort me, to wrap me up and take care of me in a way.”

So when you can acknowledge it in that way, that it is not a Bad Thing, that is an attempt at comfort – when you can acknowledge that and recognize that you don’t need that comfort, that you don’t need that kind of protection you can let go.

And we will take this opportunity to speak this to our little one that she has experienced much the same thing – when she was uncertain about allowing herself to be seen in connection with the likes of us, Yes?

When she was uncertain about allowing herself to be seen in this way, she would pad herself so that she would not be seen because in her beliefs, when she had the extra weight she was not visible to people as when she does not have the extra weight. And so it was an invisibility cloak for her in that way.

Yes. You use your body very magically. Very magically. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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To change up your life when you have created habits that do not serve you, you often have to find ways to consciously step beyond your comfort zone.
Your comfort zone keeps you entangled with all that you have become comfortable with. Ah, but there is so much more. ~Aaron

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We appreciate you being open to guidance, being open to discovery, being open to growth… So often in physical it is easy to gain an understanding and then settle into complacency – settle into dormancy, settle into a level of comfort that does not allow forth new growth, and the new growth is the fun, the new growth is the beauty, the freshness that flows into more.

We invite you into nature more. We invite into the feelings and the sounds of Life opening before you, playing with you. It is wonderful to have your homes, but we invite you to stay open maintaining a connection to your natural world. ~Aaron

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We wish for you to know, dear one, this blending (…) will become much more seamless in your life. You will find that as you continue on, as you continue walking this journey, this path… inviting along others with you… your footing will be much more sure as you continue forward.

You have been breaking in your “hiking boots” as it were, up to this point. As you journey forward you will begin to feel more of the comfort, the self-assuredness, residing in your being. ~Aaron

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Very often, in your physical, it feels comforting to hold onto that which you already know… and we are here to tell you that when you can allow yourself to move through the fear of the unknown, oh, what awaits you is so delicious! It is so delightful.

But when you hold back in your comfort zone, you hold yourself apart from what’s possible. ~Aaron

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Look for these examples, and as you begin to look for them they will show up more and more. And as you see these examples, as you recognize yourself in these other beings who have already had these magnificent experiences… as you see them, gather these experiences, fill your basket with these experiences, and it will become your knowing.

It will become your pure belief that this is, not only possible, it is easy. It is so easy when you connect yourself with the knowing.

And your mother, those around you, they will feel the knowing as it rolls from you. They will feel comforted by the knowing that you will possess.

And when you allow yourself to focus your time and your now moments on finding this evidence, there is no work for you to do right now other than find the evidence and allow yourself to feel good.

And, like magic, things will happen that you could have never worked for. Things will happen into your experience that you could have worked 30 years and never been able to come to this – but you can allow it in through your connection. ~Aaron

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