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We invite you to not concern yourself with the details.
Now, we know that there are times that you like to play with the details, but remember that is not what you want to get caught up in.
What we want you to get caught up in, where we want your focus to be, is upon the love, upon the possibilities, upon the magic that is at your fingertips.
You can create in ways that you have never created before.
You did not recognize before. Yes. You did not acknowledge before. NOW you can acknowledge. Now you can acknowledge what’s possible. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish for you to know that sometime in physical when you are really “working the processes,” and coming into alignment, sometimes you can allow yourself to get bogged down by the details, to become caught in the concerns about doing it Just Right, and we wish for you to allow yourself a little bit of freedom in that, and a little more release and playfulness in that – even if it is just for a few moments a day.
Allow yourself some playfulness, some daydreaming, easily – possibly along the lines of “Wouldn’t it be fun if this happened? Wouldn’t it be fun if that happened? Wouldn’t it be fun if we had this experience?” and allow yourself to be playful with it, to be a little more unattached to it and playful. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You need not be concerned. You need not be hesitant.

You need not be so careful with your steps.

The way has been cleared for you. The answers will come to you. We are so happy that you are asking. It is in your asking that you will find greater alignment with the answers.

In your not asking, in your hesitancy, you created pauses.

And that, our dear one, is quite fine.

We know that you perceive the pauses as a delay

You perceive it as a misstep on your part, or a perception of something lacking in you…

But the pauses are just space, openings…

Space and openness is good, dear one.


And we know that you feel a sense of anxiousness, that you feel that the pauses are holding you up, holding you back… This is not so.

The pauses are creating openings for you.

And this will work to your advantage. All is well dear one, everything is flowing in perfect synchronicity.

You are missing out on nothing, and in your pauses new opportunities are created – more possibilities.

Nothing is being taken away, it is only expanding… ~Aaron

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Be Love

Be love, dear one.
Be love, dear one.
Be not concerned with your placement.
Be not concerned with how others view you.
Love, dear one.
Offer love when you feel hurt.
Offer love at all times, dear one. ~Aaron Connection

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And we know that you have concerns about being judged to be a “meanie.”
That is ok.
When others can judge you as a meanie for the shifting in their own life, that is ok.
Their judgment need not hurt you. And the only way that it can hurt you is for you to agree with it.
There is no need for you to justify your actions or your needs – especially when they are done with love.
And if someone judges you as being a “meanie” for an action that you took out of love, then we invite you to cheer them on. “Yes. Go for it, move yourself up that vibrational scale! Call me a meanie. If it helps you, if it helps you expand, please, go for it.”

(…) It is not who you be, dear one.
You are filled with love and flowing love, and yes – you are highly imperfect – but you are flowing with love. And you are reaching for understanding. ~Aaron

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We invite you to talk about it, to write about it: What beings you joy? Where are those moments? What are you noticing? How much fun are you having? How much fun are you having?

Look. Do research. Be open to having stories fall into your lap of others who have lived their life in this way, who have connected to their joy – who have disconnected from concerns about work – connected to their joy, and all of a sudden discovered that their joy is their treasure chest.

And as you find stories, as you hear stories, they will begin to multiply, you will hear more and more – and this also help you integrate into your life the knowing of the possibilities.

And as you ask in your life for the little synchs, for the little stories to light up for you, for the moments of knowing, the prizes in the box of Cracker Jack… as you ASK and are open to looking for these in your life then they will begin to show up more and more often. And, oh, you will have such delight in this. And the more delight you have, the more they show up, the more they become part of your life, the more your life flows, the more you recognize: you didn’t want WORK anyway. ~Aaron

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You can let go of the how because we are here to surprise and delight you with that feeling, the knowing of when the next step is here.

And as you let go of the concerns and the worry and the details, and you allow yourself to play in the joy of the vibration and feeling of connection – when you are delighting in that feeling the next steps will have light shined brightly.

There will be no question, and as long as there is a question within you toward it, we invite you to release the question and feel the joy.

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