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You are not asked to be a divine physical being. Yes.
But you are invited to open to,
to connect with,
the divinity that is at your core,
that is who you truly Be beyond your physicalness. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As you have chosen to come forth at this time in the timeline, in the physical timeline on your planet, the interactions at this time, the awakening at this time, the remembering at this time, is greater than ever before. There is much more to come, much more to unfold to, but at this point there are great numbers on your planet who have reached an understanding, an ability to connect with where they be, with the possibilities, with spirit, to blend together into the triune beings that you are.

We are calling to you, we are speaking to you at all times and as you choose to tune in to us, to listen for our call, to listen for your connection, as you do this you are better able to recognize our words, to recognize your knowing through us, to recognize that you are all one.

You are all one who can connect your intentions, who share your intentions as they ripple out through your pluralness and are reflected back to you through one another. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Why do you have fear – why do you have fear?

The fear is the weight of your physical self holding back.
The physical self is so dense compared with your soul, your spirit.
And when you chose to come here to earth, and when you chose to connect with, enter into, these physical bodies, THIS is the game you chose. And the quandary is: how to embody the fullness of your spirit thru your physical vehicle.
It is the experience you came here for,
and the fear, the fear is a part of the physical.
It is the ballast, the weight, to your balloon.
You can release the weight that holds you down while still maintaining your physical. It becomes a balancing act and as you meditate, as you connect with other spiritually focused beings, as you allow yourself to come more fully back into the knowing of your spiritual self, as you allow this to happen, you can drop away the weights.
You can release them. ~Aaron Connection

*Quote from the first recorded vocal connection

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When you become very clear with who it is that you want to connect with, with who it is that you Love connecting with, with who it is that you be and how much more brightly you shine when you are in connection with someone who is vibrating on your wavelength… Ahhh, those “other” people won’t come to you anymore. They won’t come to you. They won’t be able to see you.

But, the people who are your perfect clients will find their way to you through your vibrational knowing of them.
And we invite you to spend more time playing with that creation and appreciation of your ideal clients than you do with worrying about what actions to take to attract them.

~Aaron Connection

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When you are having fun – oh those vibrations that ripple off of you, that radiate out from you!
When you are having fun…
When you are in the enjoyment…
When you are in alignment… they are much bigger waves.
They are much bigger waves and they will kind of knock people off their feet and get their attention. “I wanna be a part of that. I wanna connect with that. I wanna feel that way.” Yes. ~Aaron Connection

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When relationships are loosed from your life… there are new ones awaiting.
And as you focus in joy… as you invite them in, as you send out your vibrational invitations, you will be drawn together, dear one.
You’ve seen this before in your life.
Yes. You have seen this before. You will see this again. ~Aaron

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We invite you to talk about it, to write about it: What beings you joy? Where are those moments? What are you noticing? How much fun are you having? How much fun are you having?

Look. Do research. Be open to having stories fall into your lap of others who have lived their life in this way, who have connected to their joy – who have disconnected from concerns about work – connected to their joy, and all of a sudden discovered that their joy is their treasure chest.

And as you find stories, as you hear stories, they will begin to multiply, you will hear more and more – and this also help you integrate into your life the knowing of the possibilities.

And as you ask in your life for the little synchs, for the little stories to light up for you, for the moments of knowing, the prizes in the box of Cracker Jack… as you ASK and are open to looking for these in your life then they will begin to show up more and more often. And, oh, you will have such delight in this. And the more delight you have, the more they show up, the more they become part of your life, the more your life flows, the more you recognize: you didn’t want WORK anyway. ~Aaron

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We want you to recognize that you feel the resonance within yourself when you connect with teachings that allow you to benefit – that you are able to expand on and benefit from that expansion.

We know that you recognize the resonance of that and we want you to realize that is always where you should turn for your answers – is the feeling of resonance.

When you see teachers out there who may intrigue you, we want you to pay attention to the feeling that you have when you are given a price associated with their teachings – because, very often this will feel good to you.

When the alignment is there the price will not matter – the money, the funds will be made available to you when you are in alignment with benefitting from the work of another.

There are many out there who see the abundance that has been garnered by many in the spiritual teachings, when they see the great abundance that has come to many, there are those who want that abundance and they do turn it into a business format that is not necessarily in alignment with your spiritual connection.

Now, when you feel that distaste, when you feel that someone is asking too much of you, when you feel that, allow yourself to recognize it and know that you are always right. You are always right in your feeling.

There is no need for you to struggle to come up with the funds to pay someone else for answers when you are in alignment with the teacher or sharer – the funds will be available for you. The resonance will slip into all areas of your life.

And, we know that there are times when you are using the work of another, you are delving into their insights and their teachings, that you may realize: “Ah, I had all these answers myself!” and there are times that may make you feel that you have been a little cheated, but we want you to recognize that seeing the answers from someone else and recognizing the resonance and recognizing that you had these answers already… that is a good thing. It lights it up within you and allows you to live more fully in connection with those knowings, when it has been pointed out to you, or reflected back to you through another.

And that is all good.

So we do invite you to pay attention to the resonance.

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Your feeling is vibrating out to the universe and connecting with those who can bring you the opportunities that will bring even more bliss into your life.

Forget about the action steps. FEEL the flow. FEEL the vibration of connection, of joy – FEEL IT and you will draw to you the most spectacular opportunities. No action steps required. ~Aaron

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We are One who is Plural.

The physical allows you to separate out your perspective, bringing it into a specific point, and yet, even from that singular perspective you have the ability to connect with the Spirit – which is the Oneness of us all. ~Aaron

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