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On Udana’s blog, I have posted a recording of Solarum’s loving message following the mass shooting in Orlando.
Shared with love:

Conscious Choice for Love – following Orlando


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As you are consciously aware of your feeling of loss and allowing yourself to transform that to the Recognition of Difference, it is a different experience.

There are new ways to experience this love, this attachment in your life.

Things will grow exponentially for you, yes? And your spiritual experience will open up more fully into your physical life experience.

You will become much more blended as you recognize that it is a Difference, rather than a loss, and you open yourself up to noticing the additions and the possibilities that are out there for you to experience. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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Passion quote graphic with Passion flower

She will be gifted from the Universe for activating her passion
and we invite you to stake this claim also –

that when you are doing things that make you feel good,
when you are going through and playing with your new joy triggers list,
when you are spending conscious time shifting to better feelings by playing with your joy triggers list,
when you are doing and living your passion,
when you are creating in a way that makes you feel good, that brings alive the love of beauty and creation at your hands,
when you are doing this allow yourself to acknowledge that the Universe is happy to shower abundance on you and you need only let it in. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We invite you to follow, to Strengthen your footsteps more surely along the path that you have stepped onto:
that you are a Powerful Creative Being,
that your thoughts,
that your feeling,
that your belief,
that your experience,
that the evidence that you surround yourself with… THIS is what you are using as the building blocks to create your experience.
You can create a different experience than what you were on the path to creating before.
Do it consciously, dear one. Do it with consciousness, do it with choice, do it with love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say that your concept of time is a fun one to play with – that it “needs time” to grow, or it “needs time” to work out, and we will say to you, that Time is fully an experience of those of you in physical.
Time is not an element that need be played with from Spirit. From your spirit self, from the pluralness of all spirit, there is no time.
The time is part of the construct of physicality and when you are playing as a Triune Being, when you are more fully connecting with your higher self, Time from your physical perspective becomes much more malleable.
And when you are understanding from your spirit self, when you are in full flow and alignment, and you can feel that alignment with your higher self, when you are – ah, when things in your life are clicking, when you are zinging along, everything seems to be going right, when you are feeling great joy, when you are feeling great love!… any of these moments – when you are FEELING the purity, the fullness of your connection with you higher self, which always exhibits as those highest vibrations of love, appreciation, joy… when you are THERE, you are TIMELESS.
And so, when you allow yourself to be there more and more often – and certainly it is not expected of you to be consistently in that space from your physical perspective – but when you are there more and more often, when you consciously find the way to bring yourself into those spaces, ah, then you are in the True Power that exists with your Connection to Spirit, to the Divine.
And so, the thing that you are wanting to create in your physical experience – the doorway is OPEN when you are There. The doorway is open. ~Aaron Connection

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We know that your physical mind returns again and again to trying to figure it out, trying to plan it out, trying to work it out: “How can I bring more money into my experience? How can I bring more abundance, more connection into my experience?”

And once again, we tell you: the abundance shows up when you return to bliss again and again, when you return to appreciation again and again, when you make the conscious choice – when you make the conscious choice to choose the feelings that feel better to you, when you make the conscious choice to enjoy the life that is before you now, when you make the conscious choice to be playful, to have fun, to know that all is well.

When you are TRYING to work things out, to figure things out, you are holding yourself in place, you are spinning your wheels so to speak… but when you are just enjoying yourself, when you fling open the doors in your life and let the air in, when you appreciate, when you laugh, when you play… this cues up the abundance for you. ~Aaron

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To change up your life when you have created habits that do not serve you, you often have to find ways to consciously step beyond your comfort zone.
Your comfort zone keeps you entangled with all that you have become comfortable with. Ah, but there is so much more. ~Aaron

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As long as you are doing this – consciously choosing to move into the loving vibration, consciously choosing to move into the vibration of appreciation – you are changing yourself, you are changing the structure of who you BE expressing in physical.

And life will become so much easier for you. But you do not have to do it 24 hours a day. That is too much pressure for you at this point.

But to consciously return to it – to consciously move into this higher vibration a couple of times a day for a couple of minutes would benefit you greatly. Especially as you have such strong asking pouring forth from you right now. ~Aaron

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Allow yourself to keep returning to love. Keep returning to love and as you do this – even if you get to love and you find yourself unable to focus your attention – just allowing yourself to move into that vibration of love is POWERFUL healing for those in your experience. You will be raising the vibration and setting the tone for those in your household.

As you do this anyway, you set the tone for the vibration of those around you very often – but to do it CONSCIOUSLY, raising the vibration, consciously bringing love into the vibration that surrounds you all – this is where healing comes from. ~Aaron

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At this time you are undergoing great change… the cells of your body are changing and your connection to your higher knowing, to your remembering your truth is stronger… and as your body is adjusting to this you are noticing the feelings that come with your adjustment.

Many times in the past for you, and many times for others in physical, when this begins to happen they begin to think that something is wrong and we are here to tell you that nothing is wrong – you are just adjusting to fit your higher physical blending position at this point.

And we appreciate your recognizing of it without allowing yourself to fall into the “something’s really wrong” stage that many can fall into. You have maintained your curiosity about it which is a good thing because you have now called us to you to explain it to you in this manner.

It is just a shift and you can ride this out and you will soon be feeling better than ever before. But we wish for you to recognize that you can release some of your beliefs about the need for sleep that you had before.

Sleep is still a good thing, but you can begin to adjust your feelings and your beliefs about the amount of sleep that is necessary for you. For, as you spend more and more time in conscious connection, or conscious awareness of your divinity there is not as much need for physical sleep as you had before.**

You can do shorter amounts of sleeping at night, if you wish, and during your day if you begin to feel weary, or feel a lack of sleep you can take a few minutes to meditate or to meditate/nap… Napitate. Yes, you can take a little napitate which will revitalize you. It will rejuvenate you in ways that are much greater than naps previously would, or than 8 hours sleep at night often would. And so we want you to be open to recognizing that everything is going right and you are upleveling. ~Aaron

**Please recognize that this response was related to a specific questioner. This is not meant for everybody at all times – although you may feel resonance with this answer.**

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