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Discussion re: a question about what part of me is unique if we are all One?

::: You wish to know the Golden Thread that is you, and we will say that you are CREATING the Golden Thread that is you by living this experience, yes? You are creating your uniqueness… You are creating your uniqueness and because you Are, because you are Here, because you have ventured forth into the Great Unknown, yes? you have created a Golden Thread of you. Yes?

But we will say that the Golden Thread of you is so intricately woven into the Oneness, that there is a point where you can recognize the value of the Golden Thread that is you in creating the overall pattern of the One. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You will feel the pieces falling into place. Yes. They will slip right in. You need not be concerned.
You feel yourself being nudged this way, or a little over that way… Yes. Stay focused on the love, stay focused on the Possibility and the Malleability of your experience in physical. It is not hard and fast. It is not unchangeable. You are not set on a track with no way out.
It is play-dough, dear one. It is play-dough.
If you wish to have a joyful experience you may create that.
If you wish to have a loving experience you may create that.
If you wish to have a miraculous experience you may create that. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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So much is being planned for you behind the scenes.
So much is being created for you, by you, that has not yet been made visible or been brought into visible perception YET. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Passion quote graphic with Passion flower

She will be gifted from the Universe for activating her passion
and we invite you to stake this claim also –

that when you are doing things that make you feel good,
when you are going through and playing with your new joy triggers list,
when you are spending conscious time shifting to better feelings by playing with your joy triggers list,
when you are doing and living your passion,
when you are creating in a way that makes you feel good, that brings alive the love of beauty and creation at your hands,
when you are doing this allow yourself to acknowledge that the Universe is happy to shower abundance on you and you need only let it in. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We invite you to follow, to Strengthen your footsteps more surely along the path that you have stepped onto:
that you are a Powerful Creative Being,
that your thoughts,
that your feeling,
that your belief,
that your experience,
that the evidence that you surround yourself with… THIS is what you are using as the building blocks to create your experience.
You can create a different experience than what you were on the path to creating before.
Do it consciously, dear one. Do it with consciousness, do it with choice, do it with love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And we are going to give you something to play with because you are using the words, “I can have whatever I want” and you can, but what you are going to get is whatever you are vibrating and whatever you are resonant with.

That is a distinction that can be very important in your experience because it is a major distinction between “getting what you want” and if you are actually resonating with what you want. Because you can have desires and wants that you are not resonating with, and until you are resonating with them, they cannot come into your experience.

What we want you to do – and we have spoken about this before – but you are to look for evidence. You are to look for evidence of how it IS SHOWING UP in your life no matter how small. And we invite you to still stay in this big expansive “Yes. This is the vision of what I want.” And we want you to notice where you are already experiencing it.

We want you to know the small bits, the little details where you are already experiencing it, rather than holding yourself apart from it saying, “That is where I want to go.” We want you to recognize the places and the instances where you are Already There, so that it becomes not so much a “wanting” of this but, as you were saying before, “Of course, I’ve already done that.”

“Of course, I’ve already done that.” When you are in that vibration of “of course, I’ve already done that” then, of course, you’ve already done that. You are already there. But you can do that by noticing the small instances, the evidence of where you have created in your life, where your life is in resonance with the life you are creating, (the life) you are envisioning.

Begin to notice the evidence. And you can notice the evidence in others too. You can find out about their stories – people who are living the life that you wish. Find out. What is the evidence? How did they get there? What did they do to get there?

But notice the evidence, of what you have already created in your life. Play that up. Become resonant with the knowing of yourself as a Creator. And you are doing this. And you are doing this. But it is the distinction that we wish to point out to you that it is different from WANTING something.


And we will say that the vibration of appreciation is resonant with everything you want. So when you feel appreciation for ANYTHING in your life, when you feel appreciation for anything in your life you are bringing yourself into resonance with what you want.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will give you the vibration. We will flow the vibration through every cell of your body, that will bring your into resonance with the BEing, the BEing of the vibrational creator that you know is possible. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Vibrational Answering Audio – Listen and Feel

(under 3 minutes)



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We will say to you that you did a very good job of getting your vibration activated around your vision, your knowing, first. You Know that the vibration is the activating force.

And certainly, it is fun to play with your inspired ideas. Certainly it is fun to get your hands in the clay, or the mud, or whatever you wish to mold. Certainly that is fun. We say to you: enjoy that whenever you wish. But your vibration brings it all about. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Vibration is the creative force. Your vibration, which comes from your beliefs, your thoughts, actions… your vibration creates your experience. It draws you closer to things that are resonating with you – that are resonating like you. And when you are resonating with love, appreciation, with joy, with recognition of your higher truth, when THIS is your vibration the good stuff you enjoy comes closer to you.  ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We would say that it is a very fun Blueprint that you are all co-creating.

We would explain that before you come forth into these physical expressions you do have a blueprint of what you would like to create: the lessons you would like to learn, the expansion you would like to experience.

We would say, that in your each and every moment you are able to change these blueprints to what may suit you better in this moment. And we would say, that although there is a connection, there is a Big Picture of What Is Happening – you each have your Own Perspective of it. You can find your own way to perceive it and to understand it. And what One says is not true for All. But if you find resonance, if you find that it feels good, and you are enjoying that journey and that perspective, Dive In.

But we wish to let you know that anyone else who has a different perspective, they are not necessarily Wrong and you are Right. You each are creating your own world from your singular perspective. You are creating your own experience. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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