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Original quote posted here: I want to be rich, but don’t have a university degree

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You can allow yourself to become more finely tuned on the concept of fear or hesitancy, but we want you to allow yourself to become a Master at recognizing when your Source is calling you forward and moving forward to it. Yes?

Because we will say, that Source is calling quite clearly to you in many, many instances. You are very aligned with the call of Source. Begin to allow yourself to recognize it more.

Set the intention, yes, before your meditations, as you step out into your day, “I will clearly recognize the call of my Source.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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This is what we want your primary focus to be on, is What does it feel like when my source is calling me forward?

And yes, we do think that you can come to a greater understanding of the difference between fear, or caution, or hesitancy but what you TRULY want to be focused upon is What does it feel like when my source is calling me forward?

Think of the times in your experience that you have recognized this. Think of the times that you can look back and say “Oh, Clearly! Clearly, I was being pulled forward into the experience.”

Look at the magic and the alignment of that experience. Pay attention to those experiences because That is what you want to recognize. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We also wish to let you know that in your physical form you may find yourself tapped to allow through the energy of Angel through you for someone else. We wish for you to be aware when this happens that it is possible for You to be the vehicle for angelic energy to present to others in physical. Yes?

We feel that you should know this especially and recognize this and recognize this as what you would call a Reality that is possible and quite an honor to be able to be the vehicle for angelic presence.

And many of you in physical are allowed to be vehicles for angelic presence. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Do not deny the power of your imagination. Yes? Do not denigrate the power of your imagination. Your experience in physical is created through the power of your imagination. Yes. It is all about the power of your imagination. Yes.

You may consider this reality or imaginings, it is all the same thing. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say that when you experience or feel things that are not in resonance with the clarity that we feel from you now, we will say there will be moments that they will pop up because they are a reflection of what you have experienced before. They help you to cement or manifest more fully the vibration that you have now found. Yes.

And so you may notice these things showing up that are not in resonance with what you are feeling now, with the clarity of what you are feeling now. There is nothing going wrong when they show up. They are a reminder for you of where you truly be now. And you have those showing up to allow you to make a choice.

Now, we will say that so many in physical, they see them showing up, those reflections of the old beliefs and the old vibrations, and they think “Oh, that’s where I am” and they veer off in that direction. But you can know, that is where you were, that is not where you are now, and allow it to be a signal to you to just play more in the clarity of the vibration where you be now. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When you feel that you are doing things wrong, we know your magnificence. We know who you truly be.
When you feel that too much time has passed, that you are a Failure because the time has passed, we say to you, Dear One, That is not the way we experience it from here.
It is not the way that you experience it from your Spirit self.
It is a physical, thinking mind interpretation.
Nothing is going wrong because you perceive time as passing. Remember that, dear one.
It is all one Now Moment for us. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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