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Do not deny the power of your imagination. Yes.
Do not denigrate the power of your imagination.
Your experience in physical is created through the power of your imagination. Yes. (…)
You may consider this reality or imaginings, it is all the same thing. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As you are putting out beliefswhich are vibration – as you are putting out beliefs that say, “This food, this thing harms my body. It is a harmful thing.” We wish to tell you there is no such thing.

There are no harmful things without belief. It all comes down to your belief about them.

Now, we do not wish for you to deny your beliefs or your perception of this. But when you notice that there is something that is not in harmony with you, look for that which IS in harmony with you. Look for that which resonates with your joy, with your energy, with the deliciousness that your life truly is.
Look for that which is in harmony and allow yourself to recognize that which is not resonating with you – but we invite you to not give additional energy by gifting that negativity with more power, or to say that “this is not a good thing,” because there are others out there who can ingest what is not a good thing for you and they may not have any issue with it at all. ~Aaron Connection

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You are receiving messages from us, from your higher self, one that is plural… we are speaking to you through your physical symptoms and as long as you continue to deny, the physical symptoms increase. ~Aaron

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