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We come to you with a vibration of playfulness and love to set you free from the fears and the depression that can be found in physical experience for so many.

And you certainly know those experiences, you know those feelings – and you know that it can be different.
And WE bring a message that it can be much MORE different than you have realized yet.
You are still stepping into what we bring.
There is so much more. Yes?
But it will come. It will come. ~Solarum

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But we will say that you do not have to use words that will bring up the hackles on anyone else. So, when you have someone in your life like your father, who you love very much but you feel very different from in the ways of thinking, you do not have to bring up words that will raise his hackles. You can be in his presence and be your loving self, sharing your love, without there being any thing that will cause interference in your high flying vibration.
Yes, and very often people think, “Well, I believe this way and they believe differently and I have to let them know. I have to stand in who I am.”
No. You are LOVE. Stand in your Love. Be your love.
And don’t worry about the details in your differences. Be in your love. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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It is a point of recognition for you and because it is so different from where you want to be. You notice it.

It’s like a bright light, a bright marker along your path, telling you this is a Point of Possibility, this is an Opportunity for Expansion. ~Aaron

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