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So much more is possible than you have ever dreamed.
So much more is possible than you have ever dreamed.
So much more is possible than you have ever dreamed.
Dream more.
Dream bigger.
Play with it.
Be silly.
Have fun.
Break the rules. Yes?
You are not bound by the rules of others.
Break their rules and crumble it across the top of your dessert as a crunchy topping. Yes? ~Solarum


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Nothing is going wrong because you perceive time as passing. Remember that, dear one.
It is all one Now Moment for us. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We invite you to be on a safari for joy,
seeking out wild creatures of joy, seeking out sightings of appreciation,
seeking out sightings of abundance, seeking out sightings of loving relationships, seeking out sightings of friends, seeking out sightings of dreams being lived…
You are on safari, on the trip of a lifetime.
It IS your lifetime – enjoy it. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Anything less than the realization of your best feeling dreams is you holding yourself back.

And you can dream as big as you would like and we will always give you MORE.

And sometimes, those of you in physical are afraid to dream too big – even when you are a big dreamer, you limit yourself at some point – and we want to tell you that as big as you can dream? We can do it bigger.

And so, we would like for you to take it as a challenge. Take it as a challenge from us to keep trying to dream BIGGERand just see if we can outdo youbecause WE CAN!

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Finding your dreams, loving them, living them, appreciating them, having fun with them, having fun in your life… brings it all to the combustion point very quickly – very quickly. ~Aaron

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Find something else to focus on that feels good. That ‘feeling good’ radiates out the vibration of feeling good and will allow you to let in more feeling good. And so, your dreams will materialize into your life by your allowing yourself joy. ~Aaron

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Guest’s question was about the idea of delivering a message straight from heart to Source…

Aaron: “Delivering” feels like it is adding thought behind it, which is not necessary. “Delivering” feels like you are trying to add additional steps.

You are constantly in a state of sharing with spirit. Your vibration, where ever it is, without you thinking about it, this is being reflected back to you through those around you. It is constantly activating the universe. Your vibration is in constant action without your thought given to it. And, when you are trying to figure out ways to deliver to Source your message, that feels very resistant.

Allow yourself to feel the joy – and it matters not what is causing the joy. Allow yourself to feel the joy and anything you desire will come to you, and we can deliver it to you better than you have dreamed it. Just allow the joy.

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