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Together, dear one, we will bring differences. We will bring joy, we will bring freedom, we will bring connection with the earth, and recognition of the Oneness of the spirit that inhabits your physical bodies.

We will bring forth play and vibrational synchronization.

(We will bring forth) Resonance – resonance with the visions. ~Aaron

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The beings on your world are changing at a cellular level. There are more and more (who are) understanding more simply that it is all about the vibration. And as this knowledge spreads and it is taken into the cells of your body, physical experience on your planet is changing and expanding to a heretofore unknown level.

And there are those in other areas of BEING, in other timespaces of your universe, who have elevated to levels beyond what you are experiencing on earth at this point, but oh, there is so much more possible! So much more possible than you could imagine! ~Aaron

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