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Your vibration is your abundance.
And you can monetize it (yes), you can monetize it so that it will come through – but we do not want you to limit the ways that abundance comes into your experience.
We want you to recognize that you can receive the ease, the security, the fun… of lots of money – you can receive it in ways other than receiving lots of money. Yes?

Be clear about what it is that you truly desire, because what you truly desire is the Feeling and the experience, yes, the Feeling of Ease, the Feeling of Security, the Feeling of being able to do what you want and enjoy the things that you desire to enjoy. ~Solarum

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The message that we particularly want to bring to you about the project … is that PLAYFULNESS, LOVE, JOY, APPRECIATION – those are the keys throughout it. Yes?

And while you have resided in fear, in hesitancy, in feelings of lack, where those have been prevalent – even when they are running Underneath, yes, in that old programming… when they are running there, you cannot bring forth the vibration of resonance with which this project will be imbued.

Your job is to line up with the Fun, dear one. Your job is to line up with the fun.
This project will come forth with Fun, with Love, with Appreciation, and with Ease. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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We are beginning to take you new places. (laughter)
And you may wonder how many more new places we can take you!

And of course, we say there is always MORE, dear one. There is always more.

And we say that we work with you in interaction, in conjunction, with where you BE, with where you are going.

We have the knowing. We have the satisfaction, the ease, of knowing how this will all turn out. Yes?

And this does not mean that it is already written. Yes?

It means that we know of the divine unfolding. We know of our connection to you in this moment that is Now as we know all moments.

We do not have to be limited to your timeline perspective, for our perspective is beyond that. ~Solarum

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Q: Why don’t I see where the fun is?!

Aa: Because that has not been your primary focus in your life..yes? It has not been a primary focus.
This is not something that most physical beings are raised to: have more fun and to play more.
This is not a belief that is grown into young physical beings. And we would say that it was not grown into you.
And so, at this point, with your recognition and your understanding of the laws of the Universe, you recognize that this is something that you want. You wish to choose this. And so you must begin focus in this way.
And we will say that when you find it difficult to figure it out, “Well, what is fun? What is the playful thing that I could be doing?”, We invite you to go back to the basics and allow yourself to keep lists, and make notice of the Joy Triggers in your life. They need not have anything to do with your business, with your work, we just want you to notice the little things that spark you to feel good, that spark you to feel love, that spark you to joy. Yes? That spark you to feel playful.
So we invite you to begin to notice: What are these things?
Do you enjoy seeing babies laughing?
Do you enjoy seeing certain videos?
Do you enjoy certain animals?
Do you enjoy seeing certain scenes in nature?
Do you enjoy reading certain authors or listening to certain speakers?
Whatever it is – begin to make note. Oh! That felt really good!

And so, you are going to make a list of your Joy Triggers so that you can have it at hand, so that when things begin to feel like maybe you’re having to Try to figure out How to have fun, you can look at your Joy Trigger List and begin to interact and play with those things that you know can bring you a ‘flipping of the switch’ to bring you into that feeling of Joy.
It doesn’t matter how momentary or little it can seem, if you focus on it you allow it to enter into your life more.

So, as you notice what your Joy Triggers are, and you invite them into your life more, your vibration will raise, and in the raising of your vibration you will more easily recognize those things with resonance with that higher vibration where you Be…yes?
And, so, it is truly as simple as Noticing, Keeping a list of your joy triggers, keeping it close at hand. So that when you feel like you are trying to figure out How to have Fun, you will have it close at hand. And it’s not a big fun experience, it’s something to shift your vibration quickly and easily to a vibration that feels good. Yes?

And from this point you will be inspired to bigger things.
We will say to you that your business – you were saying in that you were working So Hard, and getting the same results – WE will say that as you are Playing More and Raising your Vibration to a more Playful Level through the use of your Joy Triggers: your business will increase with greater ease, yes. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!

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You are the Allower.
You are the student of the Divine.
You are in charge of care and upkeep – maintenance of the instrument.
Love, Play, Ease, Appreciation, Silliness, Open-heartedness, Connection –
This is your Maintenance Kit. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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It is something that many of you in physical do not give enough credence to the Vibrational power that you hold in your alignment, but it can do the bulk of the work for you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will acknowledge you for the ease with which you are treating yourself today. And we know that there are thoughts and beliefs that are residing beneath, within you still, about the inappropriateness of your ease when your (family members), and so many others are working so hard. But we say to you, our dear one, you can serve as an example of caring for yourself, of loving yourself, of allowing yourself the ease that you need when you need it.
We invite you to fully acknowledge this time, this ease, this peace as being medicinally important and necessary for an easy forward movement in your life dear one. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And as you recognize those moments when you are truly in alignment, when you are truly joyful, and loving, and relaxed, and at ease, and appreciating – when you are in those feelings, you ARE opening the doors to Universal Abundance.
And so, we want you to recognize this and pay yourself from the Universal accounts when you are in those spaces and those feeling places.
And you will begin to recognize then that as abundance is showing up in your life, in the magical ways that it will, that this is the Universe’s way of paying you for being in alignment.
Your alignment can open those doorways to abundance. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Very often from physical it can be easy to forget that you are a Vibrational Being when these issues come up that seem to be so rooted in your thinking mind or in your physical experience – whether it be health, or as this is, a money issue.

We will say that you very often lose sight of the fact that you are a Vibrational Being FIRST and that by aligning your vibration this can come together for you much more easily – it will line up in ways that you will see and you will recognize and easily flow into the next step, be connected with the people who can bring you the most ease… but to get to this, we invite you to truly focus on the fact that this is about your vibration. This is about your vibration. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You are beginning to feel more ease with being who you be, living the message that you live without needing to conform to the messages of others, without needing to be something other than what you are.

And Yes, you have influences. Yes, you have helpers.

But you are YOU, dear one. What you bring forth is uniquely you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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