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You have gone through time periods where you have not paid attention to what your body wants, you have instead paid attention to emotional wants and attributing those to your body.

We know that you wish to be harmonized enough that you do not make that mistake.

And at this time your body is turning up the volume to let you know, to assure that you pay attention to what you put into it and the reasoning behind what you put into it. ~Aaron

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Mmmm… We love nothing more than to see you always be loving and gentle with yourself, to always lovingly accept your physical emotions and your physical shifting, and your growth… and we know it is ok, IT IS OK to experience things painfully to recognize, “Oo, that’s not something I like, that’s not something I wish to choose again.”
But love heals it all.
Love is at your base; love is where you’re going; love is where you’ve been. ~Aaron

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Your emotions are the tie-in into your physical expression. The feeling is the basis of your connection to Source. Feeling is the basis of your connection to All-That-Is. The emotions that you experience in physical are a by-product of your feelings interacting with your thoughts. ~Aaron

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