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Now, you and your experience can be evidence that, YES, Love does pay the bills!
You can open up and you will begin to see evidence of this all around you.
“Oh, wait. Love pays those bills. Love pays that person’s bills. Of course, love pays my bills.”
You have aligned yourself to the point where you are now in resonance with seeing this expressed through you and through those around you. |
Yes, have fun with this! ~Aaron Connection

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We also are going to invite you to begin noticing the evidence in others’ 3-dimension experiences of how they receive abundance, and you will find that there are so many countless ways that people receive abundance, but even – we are speaking still of financial abundance – but it does not just have to come through the lottery. It can come from finding value in something where you did not recognize the value before. It can come from being gifted in countless numbers of ways. But if you go out, begin keeping a notebook of evidence of how people receive financial abundance into their life, the countless ways, as you notice more and more ways that it shows up, you are allowing yourself to be in that experience of letting it in in whatever way it wants to come to you. ~Aaron Connection

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And you can find the evidence in your own life and the life of others, that abundance can come without directly having to earn it.
Yes! Abundance comes without directly having to earn it.
THAT is a great lesson for you.
Abundance comes through your joy. Abundance comes through your alignment with who you truly be.
Release the dollar signs. Allow yourself to recognize the abundance. ~Aaron

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Turn towards love, turn towards joy, turn towards silliness. Those vibrations are within your grasp.
You are in a position of great choice. You are able to make the choice.
If you make the choice of: joy, love, silliness, fun – as you make those choices, to participate in that vibration, that higher-ringing vibration, you will more quickly see evidence of your desires showing up in your life.
You are always loved, dear one.
You ARE love, playing in a physical vibration, a physical extension.
You are out there for these experiences. ~Aaron

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And we invite you to give yourself little steps to do because, sometimes in physical you start to say things like, “Oh, I just need to accept myself more” and you understand that on one level, but you can’t let in the full message all at once because you have so many old beliefs.

We invite you to look for evidence, look for reasons to love yourself. Write it down. Look in the mirror. Allow yourself to look into your own eyes, look into your soul and feel the love.

And everything will begin to shift. Quickly. ~Aaron

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Aaron was speaking “once again” about the power of loving yourself…

“And as you let in your own love you will experience this with more and more humans around you.”

The questioner responded that she was still skeptical…

“And that is ok. That gives you reason to move towards it and test it out. See if it’s really true or not. And when you find out that we are telling you the truth – ah-ha-ha!! The FUN! The FUN! Because you will realize how easy it was for you to get there once you let go and let it in. And you will truly have control of your power once you recognize the results that you can get just from loving yourself and having fun!” ~Aaron

You can listen in on this response and hear Aaron’s laughter: Listen In  (30 seconds)

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We will use this term with you which we have used before of “being on a Joy Safari.”

And if you were on a safari you would be looking for these magnificent animals and beasts that you do not normally see in your life. When you are on a Joy Safari in your life you are looking for those things that bring you joy and appreciation that are “hiding” among your daily life.

As you are consciously looking for them, getting out your binoculars and looking for them, ahhhh… you will feel such excitement when you spot them, when you recognize them. And you begin to gather all of these experiences of having spotted these moments, these moments of joy, these things to appreciate… oh, you will have such bliss sharing your Joy Safari with others. ~Aaron

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We invite you to play with finding evidence of reasons that “right now” is the best time ever to be alive. ~Aaron

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Abundance surrounds you. Abundance is you.

And as you have recognized, as you have come to the recognition that has allowed you to ask this question, you are coming into alignment with abundance.

And so now your job, from this understanding that you now have… your job is to look for evidence of abundance. Look for evidence of ease. Look for evidence of people letting go of things and allowing in even better things. Look for that evidence because it surrounds you.

And it surrounds you in a much more powerful way than any evidence of lack, because evidence of abundance is connection and alignment with Source and with all-that-is.

So when you find that evidence it is much more powerful. And from your alignment you can be swept right up into it. ~Aaron

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As you find the evidence, as you hear the stories of others’ experiences, you will see your path light up so brightly. You will have no question. ~Aaron

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