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Without the experiences that caused you enough discomfort
to pay attention,
to want more,
to want something different – without those experiences you would not have headed with such vigor toward where you now BE. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Regarding being perceived Negatively:

And it is only your past experiences that have allowed you to create that possibility for being perceived in that way.
You, our dear one, can create this in a way that it shall be perceived by all as goodness, and light, as love.
Dissolve those old beliefs. Flush them away. They do not serve you.
Because you are all One, because you are all Connected, you are all plural extensions of the Oneness… because of this, because of your recognizing this, you can tap into the higher vibrations of love and light, activate that around yourself, within yourself, and that is all that others will be able to see. ~Aaron

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The experiences, the riches, the benefit of the money can come to you without the money coming first. We invite you to play with that… to play with allowing your heart’s desire without feeling the need for the money first. ~Aaron

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And as you see these examples, as you recognize yourself in these other beings who have already had these magnificent experiences, as you see them, gather these experiences – fill your basket with these experiences – and it will become your knowing. ~Aaron

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We want you all to recognize the true knowing – the knowing within you, when you feel resonance.

When you feel resonance, when you are in harmony with teachings, what we want you to recognize is the pure resonance within you.

Many of you recognize the resonance, feel the joy of the alignment with the teachings or the answers, or the sharing, coming from another.

We want you to recognize that you should not take this for granted.

You should not assume that because you feel resonance on certain things that everything from that teacher will be in such alignment with you.

We want you to stand in your joy.

We want you to become finely tuned to recognizing the vibration that is coursing throughout you because most of you have your thinking mind so involved in your understanding of the experiences in the world around you that you are not purely translating the vibrational resonance within.

You are overlaying your thinking mind on top of the pure vibration.

We would enjoy assisting you in tuning in more clearly to that vibration so that your understanding can be beyond your thinking mind.

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Feel the love because it’s very ripe in your life. And you can choose to enjoy the fruit at this time or you can enjoy it another time. But it is ripe with all that you’ve created and the experiences that have led up to this moment. ~Aaron

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