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Calling you forward into strengthening your confidence in the Love that you BE,
into bringing this through with greater stability into your physical experience. ~Solarum

Question re: scary or uncomfortable world/personal events
“I think that the physical reality is that when it comes close to you and you are faced with it possibly impinging on your life or that of your loved ones, the fear comes up, and I wanted to ask you, is it actually possible, when we’re in physical, to maintain love and not fear, when it’s coming physically close?”

We would say Yes, dear one. Yes, we would say yes.
Now we will say that, the way that you get there is by strengthening your confidence in the love that you be, as we have spoken about.

We would say that you and the others like you,
who are opening more fully to the love that you be,
who are opening more fully to recognizing your connection with nonphysical in your expression in physical,
that you are the ones who are changing your world experience.
And through the energy of the Love
that you are recognizing,
that you are nurturing,
that you are growing,
that you are flowing from you…
even when there are smaller numbers of you who are doing this than the larger numbers who are in fear,
when you are practicing this,
when you are growing with this,
it benefits your entire world experience,
because you stand as an example of what is possible through love.

So in your physical experience—and you have come to the point where you recognize on many levels your creative power in your experience,
the power of your appreciation,
your celebration,
your love,
your focus in all these ways of being,
that you are creating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for yourself, by focusing in these ways.
Now, you still have the limiting beliefs within you around what seems to be bigger and more scary, yes?
These attacks on—whether it be an attack on your energy or an attack on your physical being or physical location or physical location near to you—
we understand that this begins to bring up fear, and we say Congratulations. Yes?
Congratulations for being at the space where you recognize that Something More Is Possible,
that you do not have to be held bound by the fears that have held you bound before, yes?

And so we invite you to begin to strengthen your confidence in the love that you be.
And we would invite you to practice with sending love from you to the others around you,
to others who you love who are at a distance from you,
to those you may hear about through your news, who you feel inspired to send them love, to help to uplift them…
As you practice doing this, when you are coming from a space of comfort, from a space of ease, you are strengthening your muscles to Be Loving, yes?
And we know that you spoke to our Little One in your conversation before, that love and fear cannot exist together, yes?,
but you can begin to recognize when you feel fearful,
that you have a Choice to flip a switch,
to move into love, for that is where your true power is, yes?
And through practicing sending love From You,
in those moments when you are Not under fear for your life,
when you are comfortable,
to practice this daily,
to practice this in your morning or when you are out and about,
just sending love,
sending love from you,
that you will strengthen those muscles so that it is easier for you to switch from the fear, to the flowing of love. ~Solarum

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The message that we particularly want to bring to you about the project … is that PLAYFULNESS, LOVE, JOY, APPRECIATION – those are the keys throughout it. Yes?

And while you have resided in fear, in hesitancy, in feelings of lack, where those have been prevalent – even when they are running Underneath, yes, in that old programming… when they are running there, you cannot bring forth the vibration of resonance with which this project will be imbued.

Your job is to line up with the Fun, dear one. Your job is to line up with the fun.
This project will come forth with Fun, with Love, with Appreciation, and with Ease. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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We come to you with a vibration of playfulness and love to set you free from the fears and the depression that can be found in physical experience for so many.

And you certainly know those experiences, you know those feelings – and you know that it can be different.
And WE bring a message that it can be much MORE different than you have realized yet.
You are still stepping into what we bring.
There is so much more. Yes?
But it will come. It will come. ~Solarum

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We will say to you, our dear one, that you are being called to release those old beliefs and perceptions that hold you back from being who you truly be.
We wish to say to you that this is a great gift that you can give yourself – to allow yourself to witness the transformation of your own life through what you are currently perceiving in a manner that is fearful to you, in a manner that seems painful to you.
Yet, we say to you: there is only Love, dear one. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You are connected to source. Source is connected to you at all times. It is a part of your triune being, your spirit nature. And it is all good, all high, all source. There need be no fear of lower energies reaching out to get you. No fear of that. You are source. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You can allow yourself to become more finely tuned on the concept of fear or hesitancy, but we want you to allow yourself to become a Master at recognizing when your Source is calling you forward and moving forward to it. Yes?

Because we will say, that Source is calling quite clearly to you in many, many instances. You are very aligned with the call of Source. Begin to allow yourself to recognize it more.

Set the intention, yes, before your meditations, as you step out into your day, “I will clearly recognize the call of my Source.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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A point that we want to make to you, is that very often when those of you in physical “pick up on these vibrations” as you say, and you feel it, as we spoke earlier, you cannot pick up on that vibration unless there is something, some matching point in you. Yes? And so, it may not be the SAME vibration, yes, but it may be a fear of that vibration, or it may be an old belief about that vibration. It is … what we will say is that it is not Love. Yes. That when you are flowing the love more fully you will not necessarily notice these other vibrations so much because your energy will move you in other directions so as not to match up with it.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

There is not one thing to fear. And when you find yourself feeling fear, feeling trepidation or hesitation, when you find yourself feeling these things, know that you are mistaken, dear one.
Know that you are perceiving through old beliefs that you once held which are no longer valid for you.
You need not fear any who you perceive as having hurt you in the past. They have no power to hurt you in the future. YOU hold the power, dear one.
It is your perspective through which you determine your feelings.
And if you are feeling fear or you are feeling judged – that has found a resonant spot within you.
Clear it out with love, dear one.
You have recognized the great power to surround yourself with love as you flow love.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Week Day “tiny” audio clips and quotes – We invite you to get your daily sound bite from spirit here.
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We will say that our little one, Stephanie, when she started receiving us, and when she was asked to speak for us, there was great fear within her. It was not fear of us, it was fear of her stepping forward in that way, of her stepping forward into something that could be so beautiful. (…)
Be aware when fear is showing up as a mask that your greatest joy is wearing.
Be aware when the fear is not fear of something that is not in alignment with you, but fear of shining brightly.
Because very often those of you in physical are afraid of shining too brightly and we invite you to acknowledge it when you feel that.
Oh, but to allow yourself the joy of the experience that you are here for – and you are here for a very special joyful experience, dear one. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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The first thing we are going to say is: we want you to recognize the fear and hesitation that you even have to acknowledge “this”, because we will say that THAT causes more blockage for you than the actual (issue) itself. Yes?

We wish for you to FEEL that.
There need be no fear of what you notice.

When you notice something , you notice it. And then, if it’s something that you do not Prefer you can then think, “What do I prefer? I’m noticing this thing that I don’t prefer – what do I prefer?” But do not be afraid of noticing it. Because when you are afraid of noticing it you build up more barriers and that does not benefit you. And we will tell you, that when you notice this feeling of it being Overwhelming, Yes, that is a message to you. If it is overwhelming That does not feel good, and so what you are looking for is, “What feels good to me?”

And we invite you to find ways to play with this that are done without judgment on yourself. You can notice it and notice, “Oh, this happened. Oh, I am not fond of the way that this feels right now. What do I like?” And, begin to notice what you Do Like and allow yourself to follow the inspiration because you will find the inspiration to move you forward.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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