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We are with you in great love, our dear one. Always, always, always – you know that, don’t you?
We are with you in great love, always in all ways. Yes?

Even when you are having experiences that to you seem not to be good feeling experiences – know that we are with you.

Know that we are aligned with you in love.
Know that things are shifting around you to align more fully with love.

Sometimes in those shifts, you may not recognize the love – but it is there, dear one. It is calling you forward. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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You can allow yourself to become more finely tuned on the concept of fear or hesitancy, but we want you to allow yourself to become a Master at recognizing when your Source is calling you forward and moving forward to it. Yes?

Because we will say, that Source is calling quite clearly to you in many, many instances. You are very aligned with the call of Source. Begin to allow yourself to recognize it more.

Set the intention, yes, before your meditations, as you step out into your day, “I will clearly recognize the call of my Source.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Don’t go back

You don’t have to go back to where they are. You can be where you be and allow them to meet you there, for they Really, Really want to. And you know you Really, Really don’t want to meet them back where you once were. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You are constantly expanding into more.
You are gathering information and knowing and allowing and asking for possibilities to light up in brighter ways for you. You are journeying and you are seeking out that which your soul desires and it is all working out perfectly.
You are moving forward. You are moving forward much more rapidly than you recognize. ~Aaron

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You have often stepped back in your experience – stepped back away from your greatness, stepped back away from your magnificence…

And yet, we are calling you forward. ~Aaron

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