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We come to you with a vibration of playfulness and love to set you free from the fears and the depression that can be found in physical experience for so many.

And you certainly know those experiences, you know those feelings – and you know that it can be different.
And WE bring a message that it can be much MORE different than you have realized yet.
You are still stepping into what we bring.
There is so much more. Yes?
But it will come. It will come. ~Solarum

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You are recognizing the possibility for more freedom – freedom you have not allowed yourself before; freedom from the things that have held you in place; freedom from the things you have allowed to define you.

You can no longer be defined by those things, dear one. You can no longer be defined by those things.

You are no longer that one, and this does not mean that you are turning your back on that one – you can still honor all of the ones that you have been leading up to the one you are now, but you do not have to hold yourself in place with the energetic ties to the things that have defined who you have been.

We invite you to let them go, dear one.


We invite you to know who it is that you be now, and who it is that you are becoming.

Allow yourself to write out the details, to envision the knowing of who you be and who you are becoming and then see: Is she tied to these old things, to these old things that define the You that you have been? the you that you are no longer?

We think that you will find the Feeling Knowing that she is not tied to those things, that she is free from them and that she is welcoming in great joy into her experience, great joy into her experience that does not need those old things, dear one. Yes?

By releasing that, you are opening to the New One that you BE. We love you our dear one. All is so very well. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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We wish for you to know that sometime in physical when you are really “working the processes,” and coming into alignment, sometimes you can allow yourself to get bogged down by the details, to become caught in the concerns about doing it Just Right, and we wish for you to allow yourself a little bit of freedom in that, and a little more release and playfulness in that – even if it is just for a few moments a day.
Allow yourself some playfulness, some daydreaming, easily – possibly along the lines of “Wouldn’t it be fun if this happened? Wouldn’t it be fun if that happened? Wouldn’t it be fun if we had this experience?” and allow yourself to be playful with it, to be a little more unattached to it and playful. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You know that this is all a vibrational game and we know that you would like, and our little one would like, for us to say, “OK. Here are the exact steps. And this is what you should do.”

And you think, lay it out for me and let me SEE IT. Let me know, let me feel confident that this is the way I can do it.

To do that to you is to limit you and to take away your freedom. And we are not here to take away your freedom. We are here to connect you with the experience of freedom. ~Aaron Connection

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Together, dear one, we will bring differences. We will bring joy, we will bring freedom, we will bring connection with the earth, and recognition of the Oneness of the spirit that inhabits your physical bodies.

We will bring forth play and vibrational synchronization.

(We will bring forth) Resonance – resonance with the visions. ~Aaron

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All is working out in your highest interest.

As you move forward on this new journey with us,

as you raise your vibration to new heights,

as you enjoy your physical focus through your non-physical vantage point,

as you allow yourself freedom from so many of the restrictions you have previously placed on yourself,

as you allow yourself to move more freely into the joy, into the joy of being, into the joy of being physical, into the joy of being physical and being consciously blended…

ahh, there will be NO DOUBT. You will easily recognize the blissings coming forth in your life.

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