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We will say to you, our dear one, that you are being called to release those old beliefs and perceptions that hold you back from being who you truly be.
We wish to say to you that this is a great gift that you can give yourself – to allow yourself to witness the transformation of your own life through what you are currently perceiving in a manner that is fearful to you, in a manner that seems painful to you.
Yet, we say to you: there is only Love, dear one. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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In your appreciation you create a flow, and it comes back to them [the giver] as it comes through to you.
But when you are locking yourself up in the feelings of impropriety or unworthiness, when you are in those feelings and you grudgingly receive, you are in essence, telling the universe, “Oh, no. No, this isn’t right” and blocking off that flow to the one who has gifted you.

But when you can receive in appreciation, with the knowing of the flow and the gratitude for them being a doorway for the universe, for you, mmm… it keeps the flow going.
And we wish for you to recognize that, because that is important for those of you in physical to know that when you receive with a feeling of Unworthiness you are stopping the flow. ~Aaron Connection

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We also are going to invite you to begin noticing the evidence in others’ 3-dimension experiences of how they receive abundance, and you will find that there are so many countless ways that people receive abundance, but even – we are speaking still of financial abundance – but it does not just have to come through the lottery. It can come from finding value in something where you did not recognize the value before. It can come from being gifted in countless numbers of ways. But if you go out, begin keeping a notebook of evidence of how people receive financial abundance into their life, the countless ways, as you notice more and more ways that it shows up, you are allowing yourself to be in that experience of letting it in in whatever way it wants to come to you. ~Aaron Connection

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You are US

We know that you have this knowing: You have this knowing that you are US, you are God, you have the power of creation within your very being, and to hold back the gift of yourself… it is not what you want. You feel the discord of that. ~Aaron

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It adds up

It is easier for you to hear US sometimes when we are speaking as Aaron to you – we are vocalizing in a way that… you find it much easier to take in information this way and to integrate it.

And when you have already had this same conversation within, and you hear it repeated to you through your ears, it comes together.

It adds up to such overwhelming evidence – and what a gift you are giving yourself to give yourself this overwhelming evidence! ~Aaron

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