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The vibration of love is the core of all that is. It is what is beyond your physical experience. And so, it is the core.

Now, when you are in physical, you are free to play with that which does not feel like love, yes?
And so, you are playing with that in your physical, and that is part of the experience that allows the expansion of All That Is, because from nonphysical there is no delving into the other vibrations, yes?
From nonphysical we are holding it steady for you all.
We are holding it steady at Love.
But as you take this adventure into physical, you are able to play with other vibrations, yes?
It helps to stretch, it helps to grow. ~Solarum

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*from the 10th interaction with Aaron, April 2010*

You can develop genius. Genius is not only given to a few. Genius is available to everyone when they choose to place their focus in a specific area…
And then tend to it.

So when you place your focus somewhere it is like scattering seeds. When you scatter seeds, you – or if you are placing your focus in many different places – all of those different places equate to a seed – so, when you scatter the seeds then the attention and the focus and the care that you give those seeds or, that original focus – that is what helps it grow.

In the instance of the seeds – they can grow into a beautiful garden.
In the instance of your focus it can grow into genius. It can grow into mastery.

And, you can plant a seed and choose to plant your garden elsewhere. It is your choice. You can tend to your seeds or not.

And, you can look all around finding many things to focus upon, but when you choose a specific focus and you tend to it and you care for it – that is where mastery and genius come from. ~Aaron (Solarum)

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So many who HAVE the money, have grown concerns around “keeping” the money.
And at this point in your process, in your growth, you have recognized the flow of it.
And as you move from this point, if you can allow yourself to grow in this idea of the flowing of abundance, of there being no need to “hold on” tightly with fear, because the flow can remain steady for you.

The flow can increase for you, but we love playing with you because you are at a point where you can take this knowing and grow with it, so that when you have the millions at your disposal, you will not feel the need to hold so tightly to it that it makes you feel lacking.

And oh that happens with so many – their fear around the losing of it makes them feel the lacking of it. But with you, you are in such a powerful position of recognizing and enjoying and increasing the flow of money, of abundance, of opportunity – Yes? ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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You are doing well to not try to smash your life into a premade form.
You are doing well to allow it to take shape as you flow, to take shape as you grow.
Allow yourself to feel the way through, to feel the alignment, the resonance or not…
There is no need to push or smash into a form.
You will be much more delighted in this way as you see what organically is created through your flow.
In so doing, what is created of your life will be much greater than what has come before… it will be much more suited and delightful to, and for you, our dear one.
It will be a perfect fit without any smashing needed. ~Solarum

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There are many possibilities for More for you – PLAY with those possibilities.
Play with the lists and the ideas and the noticing and the allowing yourself to light up with what all else is possible.
And begin to notice people, and there are stories out there – it will be easy for you to pick up on this – of those who are living extended lives Joyfully, Happily, creating more.
Mm… and when you stay in that vibration of joyful creation it has more power to keep you In the Joy than the random old thoughts of “Maybe this is all.”
You CAN keep moving forward. You can keep playing.
You delight us with the way that you expand anew and grow. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Lately you are contemplating your friendships, in all their manner – ever morphing. They are not stagnant.
Your new connections are here.
We just invite you to line up with them.
And we invite you, dear one, to quit beating yourself up over what seem to be failed relationships, failed friendships… friendships that meant a great deal to you, but went away.
It is ok to allow yourself the space that you needed to grow. ~Aaron

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Your desires have been created; they are their own life force as you have created them; and thus, they can continue to grow and summon you toward them. ~Aaron

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