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Calling you forward into strengthening your confidence in the Love that you BE,
into bringing this through with greater stability into your physical experience. ~Solarum

Question re: scary or uncomfortable world/personal events
“I think that the physical reality is that when it comes close to you and you are faced with it possibly impinging on your life or that of your loved ones, the fear comes up, and I wanted to ask you, is it actually possible, when we’re in physical, to maintain love and not fear, when it’s coming physically close?”

We would say Yes, dear one. Yes, we would say yes.
Now we will say that, the way that you get there is by strengthening your confidence in the love that you be, as we have spoken about.

We would say that you and the others like you,
who are opening more fully to the love that you be,
who are opening more fully to recognizing your connection with nonphysical in your expression in physical,
that you are the ones who are changing your world experience.
And through the energy of the Love
that you are recognizing,
that you are nurturing,
that you are growing,
that you are flowing from you…
even when there are smaller numbers of you who are doing this than the larger numbers who are in fear,
when you are practicing this,
when you are growing with this,
it benefits your entire world experience,
because you stand as an example of what is possible through love.

So in your physical experience—and you have come to the point where you recognize on many levels your creative power in your experience,
the power of your appreciation,
your celebration,
your love,
your focus in all these ways of being,
that you are creating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for yourself, by focusing in these ways.
Now, you still have the limiting beliefs within you around what seems to be bigger and more scary, yes?
These attacks on—whether it be an attack on your energy or an attack on your physical being or physical location or physical location near to you—
we understand that this begins to bring up fear, and we say Congratulations. Yes?
Congratulations for being at the space where you recognize that Something More Is Possible,
that you do not have to be held bound by the fears that have held you bound before, yes?

And so we invite you to begin to strengthen your confidence in the love that you be.
And we would invite you to practice with sending love from you to the others around you,
to others who you love who are at a distance from you,
to those you may hear about through your news, who you feel inspired to send them love, to help to uplift them…
As you practice doing this, when you are coming from a space of comfort, from a space of ease, you are strengthening your muscles to Be Loving, yes?
And we know that you spoke to our Little One in your conversation before, that love and fear cannot exist together, yes?,
but you can begin to recognize when you feel fearful,
that you have a Choice to flip a switch,
to move into love, for that is where your true power is, yes?
And through practicing sending love From You,
in those moments when you are Not under fear for your life,
when you are comfortable,
to practice this daily,
to practice this in your morning or when you are out and about,
just sending love,
sending love from you,
that you will strengthen those muscles so that it is easier for you to switch from the fear, to the flowing of love. ~Solarum

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What we will say to you is that from your spirit self, yes, when you are planning to come forth into physical, yes, you do not plan for everything to look like it’s turning out perfectly. Yes? Because there would be no growth in that.

There would be no growth if Everything just seems to be going perfectly. Then why go into physical from spirit? Yes?

So, when you are doing the planning, because from your spirit knowing, you know that there is no Endedness. Yes? You know that there is no Endedness.

Going along with that, because you know there is no Endedness, there is no Wrong. Yes?

We would say that when choices are made that may feel painful, that may hurt someone, or hurt yourself, yes, that pain from physical – that emotional pain or that physical pain – it calls you to want more.

It calls you to want more love. It calls you to want more peace. It calls you to want more connection and understanding. Yes?

And so, these choices, these actions, that may appear wrong, or appear bad, from your physical experience, might be planned out very well from spirit, yes, to be that call to more; to cause you to turn in a new direction, Yes, to cause you to seek something in a new way, to cause you to have the choice to express love rather than judgment. Yes?

And so these are the growing points, yes? These are the expansion points. And we would say that it is all good. What you are seeking in your physical life is to feel good, to feel better, Yes?, and so these choices, these mistakes – what you may perceive as mistakes from your physical thinking mind, or many would perceive them as Sins, yes, they like to label them in that way – We would say No. They are points of growth, points of expansion.

And very often, some of what you consider to be the most horrendous acts from your physical perspective have been agreed to by all parties from spirit. Yes?

This understanding does not necessarily leak through to the physical thinking mind, but the agreement has been there. It can be your greatest soul mate who ends your life. Yes?

We would say to you that these decisions to work together in this way, yes, they are well planned out. And they are planned out with LOVE from non-physical, even though they may not have that appearance from physical. Yes.

The illusion of your physical experience creates the expansion that we all seek. Yes. ~Solarum, July 2015

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We delight in your opening to mentors. This shows great growth on your part and it delights us to have you in that Receptive state where so much can be delivered to you now, dear one.
So much can be delivered to you now.
Stay open. Stay with beginner’s mind. Stay willing to grow, to learn. Open to the possibilities. No need to push. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Know that you are love.
Know that you are a vehicle for love.
Know that everyone is not going to agree with you being a vehicle for love.
Hm. We will say it is your job in those instances to maintain your alignment with who you truly be in the best way that you can.
And we Know that very often the world is showing up to you as a reflection of how you knew it before, because that reflection of “what you knew before” is still very much a part of you. You have not Forgotten it. You still carry some of that with you. And it is alright dear one. You are on your way. You are doing so well.
But notice – you don’t have to go back there. You don’t have to go back to where they are. You can be where you be and allow them to meet you there, for they Really, Really want to. And you know you Really, Really don’t want to meet them back where you once were. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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All Possibilities Exist,
and if you find yourself noticing your focus heading in a direction that doesn’t feel so good, we invite you to recognize that and step back a bit and refocus on where love may be, where the joy may be, where the growth in these areas may be.
You will notice it. You are open to it. It will take you to new heights. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You could have lived your life easy-peasy, nothing big happening one way or the other – but you are here for the experiences, and you are here for the growth, you are here for the fun, you are here for the fun of the journey.
From the spirit that you Be, beyond your physical body, you do not see these as problems, as issues. You are excited about the journey. You are excited about the adventure. You are excited about where you are going. We give you a high 5 dear one for your journey. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We appreciate you being open to guidance, being open to discovery, being open to growth… So often in physical it is easy to gain an understanding and then settle into complacency – settle into dormancy, settle into a level of comfort that does not allow forth new growth, and the new growth is the fun, the new growth is the beauty, the freshness that flows into more.

We invite you into nature more. We invite into the feelings and the sounds of Life opening before you, playing with you. It is wonderful to have your homes, but we invite you to stay open maintaining a connection to your natural world. ~Aaron

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This is a growth process and as you are growing, bit by bit… that is helpful for your full expression because, as you know, if you were to jump from where you Have Been to where you Are Going – without experiencing what is in between? – you will be jerked back with the giant rubberband. It would be QUITE uncomfortable. ~Aaron

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Mmmm… We love nothing more than to see you always be loving and gentle with yourself, to always lovingly accept your physical emotions and your physical shifting, and your growth… and we know it is ok, IT IS OK to experience things painfully to recognize, “Oo, that’s not something I like, that’s not something I wish to choose again.”
But love heals it all.
Love is at your base; love is where you’re going; love is where you’ve been. ~Aaron

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