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When you can get in there and truly FEEL the great joy and fulfillment in what is possible through You fully expressing in this way, and sharing these tools, and knowing and feeling the power of these tools that you have to share – your vibration in alignment with this, your vibration of pure joy and ecstasy at what is possible, this will radiate out, touch the vibration of those who can help you move forward with this.
Your vibration and your feelings of what is possible, your running through the scenarios with great feeling emphasis of what can happen in your world through your sharing of this, and the great thanks, the great joy – oh! As you get in and truly immerse yourself in this vibration – not worrying about the hows – at least not for these moments that you spend getting into this vibration. Allow the hows to fall away and allow yourself to truly immerse in this joyful exhilarating vibration of the change that can be created, of the blossoming that can occur through your sharing of your tools. And this vibration will ripple out from you and touch others.
It will burn a brighter fire in your passion so that as you have the opportunity to share with others about what you want to do – oh, your vibration will draw them in, will sweep them away with the great joy of the possibilities.
People will be so happy to help you, to help you find the ways to implement this.
Others will be on your side and working for you to be able to experience this sharing.
And the more time that you spend in this feeling vibration of the joy of the possibilities of what can happen, the more quickly your vibration will reach out and knock and tap on the shoulders of others who can help you bring it about. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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There are many possibilities for More for you – PLAY with those possibilities.
Play with the lists and the ideas and the noticing and the allowing yourself to light up with what all else is possible.
And begin to notice people, and there are stories out there – it will be easy for you to pick up on this – of those who are living extended lives Joyfully, Happily, creating more.
Mm… and when you stay in that vibration of joyful creation it has more power to keep you In the Joy than the random old thoughts of “Maybe this is all.”
You CAN keep moving forward. You can keep playing.
You delight us with the way that you expand anew and grow. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You need not be concerned. You need not be hesitant.

You need not be so careful with your steps.

The way has been cleared for you. The answers will come to you. We are so happy that you are asking. It is in your asking that you will find greater alignment with the answers.

In your not asking, in your hesitancy, you created pauses.

And that, our dear one, is quite fine.

We know that you perceive the pauses as a delay

You perceive it as a misstep on your part, or a perception of something lacking in you…

But the pauses are just space, openings…

Space and openness is good, dear one.


And we know that you feel a sense of anxiousness, that you feel that the pauses are holding you up, holding you back… This is not so.

The pauses are creating openings for you.

And this will work to your advantage. All is well dear one, everything is flowing in perfect synchronicity.

You are missing out on nothing, and in your pauses new opportunities are created – more possibilities.

Nothing is being taken away, it is only expanding… ~Aaron

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Answering question about “crying for no reason:”

It is a release valve, and when you can begin to recognize it as such and appreciate it, you can flow straight from the tears into a feeling of satisfaction, into happiness and joy very easily.

It is a part of the physical mechanics of you “upleveling” just as the changes in sleep are.

You may feel yourself called to many changes and we invite you to be open to acknowledging the changes that you are being called to. When you feel yourself being called to eat differently or move differently… (…) Your body is calling for that and you are aware enough to hear that call and to head it. Yes, and we invite you to be open to this – to be open to recognizing what you are called to that will bring you feelings of joy, feelings of wellness, feelings of alignment. ~Aaron

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How are we always? We are delightful. We are blissing. We are happy to be connected to you. ~Aaron

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