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As you are putting out beliefswhich are vibration – as you are putting out beliefs that say, “This food, this thing harms my body. It is a harmful thing.” We wish to tell you there is no such thing.

There are no harmful things without belief. It all comes down to your belief about them.

Now, we do not wish for you to deny your beliefs or your perception of this. But when you notice that there is something that is not in harmony with you, look for that which IS in harmony with you. Look for that which resonates with your joy, with your energy, with the deliciousness that your life truly is.
Look for that which is in harmony and allow yourself to recognize that which is not resonating with you – but we invite you to not give additional energy by gifting that negativity with more power, or to say that “this is not a good thing,” because there are others out there who can ingest what is not a good thing for you and they may not have any issue with it at all. ~Aaron Connection

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We are going to invite you to play with loving your body, nurturing your body.
In the mornings, before you ingest anything else, we invite you to Consciously ingest a full glass of water. And we wish for you to BLESS this water, IMBUE this water with high vibration in any way that feels right to you.
But we wish for you to CONSCIOUSLY, before you drink it, consecrate this water. Consecrate this water with love, with physical enjoyment, with abundance, with whatever it is that you would like to be flowing and vibrating through your body, and resonating through your body.
And then, slowly drink this water as a prayer of appreciation.

The water is so important for your physical being. Important for the alignment of your physical being with your spiritual self. And we know that there are many who have many beliefs and fears about water and if you find yourself having any of those, do whatever you need to do to the water for yourself to feel good about ingesting water.
But, we invite you to ingest this consecrated water as a prayer for your body – A prayer of appreciation and love. And, mmm, we can see you envisioning it moving through your body, this water flowing through your body and soothing your body, easing your body, creating a vibrational barrier or magnet of love, so that which you ingest afterwards will come into harmony with the water that is flowing through your body.
Play with that. ~Aaron Connection

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You have gone through time periods where you have not paid attention to what your body wants, you have instead paid attention to emotional wants and attributing those to your body.

We know that you wish to be harmonized enough that you do not make that mistake.

And at this time your body is turning up the volume to let you know, to assure that you pay attention to what you put into it and the reasoning behind what you put into it. ~Aaron

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You are individual perceivers and receivers of vibration, and, the closer that you are in vibration to one another, the more easily and readily you will understand one another’s interpretations, one another’s labels. You will be able to share your information with the greatest sense of ease among those that are in close vibrational harmony with you. ~Aaron

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We want you all to recognize the true knowing – the knowing within you, when you feel resonance.

When you feel resonance, when you are in harmony with teachings, what we want you to recognize is the pure resonance within you.

Many of you recognize the resonance, feel the joy of the alignment with the teachings or the answers, or the sharing, coming from another.

We want you to recognize that you should not take this for granted.

You should not assume that because you feel resonance on certain things that everything from that teacher will be in such alignment with you.

We want you to stand in your joy.

We want you to become finely tuned to recognizing the vibration that is coursing throughout you because most of you have your thinking mind so involved in your understanding of the experiences in the world around you that you are not purely translating the vibrational resonance within.

You are overlaying your thinking mind on top of the pure vibration.

We would enjoy assisting you in tuning in more clearly to that vibration so that your understanding can be beyond your thinking mind.

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