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Finding your way back to the love for you – it will change your experience.
You will seem to be a magic-maker to those around you.
Everything will line up with that love for you

Q: That includes healing myself physically?

That includes healing yourself physically. That includes EVERYTHING. That includes physical. Every physical perception that you have – and all physical experiences, or physical “realities” (we put quotes around that), they are all your perception.
When your perception is one of Love, everything is love to you. You will see the Truth of Love rather than seeing the illusion of Lack, the illusion of Pain or Illness, the illusion of fractured relationship.
You will only be able to see the love and it will color everything differently. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We would not speak of it necessarily as a “healing,” we would speak of it as Aligning Energy. And that is what healing truly is – aligning the energy with All-That-Is. All-That-Is is pure love, pure joy. ~Aaron

Audio clip that discusses aligning with desires through playfulness and includes some Aligning energy… Listen In

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Allow yourself to keep returning to love. Keep returning to love and as you do this – even if you get to love and you find yourself unable to focus your attention – just allowing yourself to move into that vibration of love is POWERFUL healing for those in your experience. You will be raising the vibration and setting the tone for those in your household.

As you do this anyway, you set the tone for the vibration of those around you very often – but to do it CONSCIOUSLY, raising the vibration, consciously bringing love into the vibration that surrounds you all – this is where healing comes from. ~Aaron

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