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We will assure you that when you ask for help, you receive it.
Ask more often, dear one. (…)
Being on your own is an illusion of your physical experience. ~Solarum


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We will say that yes you still have some old beliefs that are uncomfortable for you from your now position and you are noticing the discomfort of those old beliefs.

We invite you to look at them, to acknowledge how they helped you before – for they did help you. Acknowledge them for helping you before. Then, begin to play and feel your way to beliefs that are more resonant with where you now be in your experience. You can do this. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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There are those who can help you.
There are those who can point out to you That which will unlock the door to greater understanding.
There are those who hold your keys.
Gather your keys. ~Aaron

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