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It IS You

And we wish for you to recognize this too, that our energy, that the energy of your Source, that the energy of your Higher Self is always with you.
It takes no special tricks to get this energy to be with you, because it IS you.
And the only trick is in your recognition of it. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We want you to remember that we are always with you. Even when you feel stuck behind walls of your own making, even when you feel so solidly in your physical being, so solidly in your physical being that you aren’t sure how to reach out to your higher self, to us, to any other helpers you may have in non-physical, we will say say to you:

We are always here. And we are always caring for you. And we are always loving you.
And we are cheering you on and we are knowing the possibilities for you to move into love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When you feel that you are doing things wrong, we know your magnificence. We know who you truly be.
When you feel that too much time has passed, that you are a Failure because the time has passed, we say to you, Dear One, That is not the way we experience it from here.
It is not the way that you experience it from your Spirit self.
It is a physical, thinking mind interpretation.
Nothing is going wrong because you perceive time as passing. Remember that, dear one.
It is all one Now Moment for us. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

We know. We know beyond the limitations of a physical body. And YOU, are not limited to the knowing of your physical body. You are expressing into a physical body but the bigger part of you is still beyond that physical body. You have not crammed all that you be within your physical body! You have not, our dear one.
You are so much more than that. And from the part that is not crammed within your body you easily know all is well. All is really, really good, dear one.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Week Day “tiny” audio clips and quotes – We invite you to get your daily sound bite from spirit here.
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We will say that the Choices for your experience in physical are.. they are pre-planned. There are blueprints from your… we will say your Higher self, the spirit part of you that comes down into the physical. So from your higher self there is a blueprint and a pre-planning, based on what experiences will benefit the expansion of your soul as you would see it singularly – from your individual self – but also the Pluralness, the One that We All Are Together expands through the experiences of each one who goes into physical, who takes this adventure.
And so, there is a blueprint. There is a knowing beforehand, before even entering into physical – and we are using words that relate to time only because that is your perspective from physical. You can understand more easily in that way. But it is decided beforehand how long, what types of exiting experiences will most benefit the soul going in and the souls around them. And this is chosen beforehand.
You very often live many many lifetimes with the souls that your surround yourself with. So you play this out in many different ways through many different lifetimes.
We will say that you do have great … great control, great power of choice from your physical as far as the vibration that you put out, the perceptions that you have.
It is possible at any point to change the blueprint.
That is Possible to do, but we will say that it … … we will say that it is possible if it is for the highest good of all concerned. And very often, what is for the highest good of all concerned would not be perceived as being the highest good from your physical perspective. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Well, what we are going to invite you to do – and “she” is a perfect one for you to play with this with – we are going to invite you to begin to have Soul conversations with her and these are appropriate whether she is sitting across the table from you or whether she is across the country or the planet from you… it will not affect the difficulty of the communication. What we invite you to do is to tune into the spirit of “her,” the higher self of “her,” the spirit essence that is focusing into her being, but still remains also Spirit.

We invite you tune into who her spirit self is – that energy, that vibration beyond her physical experience, beyond any limitations that may be perceived by her physical experience, and beyond any miscommunications or inability to communicate with her through speech, through words, through talking. You are going beyond all of that to her higher self, to her higher self to come and have the experiences and the life that she is living.

And we invite you, from your own Higher Self, your own higher consciousness of Love and the perspective, the higher perspective that allows you to see out further, it allows you to see more, from this perspective, from this Feeling and Loving Perspective tap into her essence and communicate from that perspective, Communicate your love for her. Communicate your appreciation for the experience that she is living. You can give her any reminders or reinforce to her higher self to take care of her, to point out certain things to her, to make her aware of loving herself and taking care of herself, and being in situations that are loving. You can communicate all of this easily by feeling or by words in your mind through your soul connection with her.

You will be able to do this. And you may ask for Evidence of this connection if you would like to see what shows up for you. But sending her love and sending her higher self reinforcement for job well done and pointing out little things, because certainly her higher self is more than happy to help her out on her journey and you can partner in that way. And her thinking mind may not understand with the same words that your thinking mind would understand but she can receive the power of the loving vibration and the nudges from her higher self to expand joyfully and lovingly her experience and her connection to you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will offer you what we flow as a Vibrational Answering. And what we want you to understand before we give you this vibrational understanding, is that we are going to give this to you as Pure Vibration because in the journey that you are on you need to be able, and you DESIRE to be able to understand this Yourself. And to find your answers and to recognize them.

We are going to say that the vibration that we will share with you will settle into your cells, into the very cells of your being. It will activate them to be resonant with the answers that you seek.

You will begin to notice the answers showing up for you. The answering communication from your inner being, you will notice this showing up. You will also notice the answers showing up from unasked questions.

It will begin to be more activated within you because when your vibration is resonant with the answers, you can let it in.

And so, we will give this to you and we invite you to be open to noticing where these answers are showing up for you. Yes?

For your thinking mind we are going to share with you that we are sending this vibration out to you now, but we are going to give it a little bit more form by bringing it into song for you.

(Vibrational Answering)

Yes, our dear one. This will be fun for you to play with, even if at this time your thinking mind does not understand it.

You will begin to see the evidence. Yes? It does not need to understand it. You will begin to see the evidence. This will, mm, pop up for you everywhere. And we invite you to be aware when it does and to recognize, “Oh, yes, yes, this really is happening.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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The other process that we would share with you is what we will call a Soul Conversation. We will say that the soul of each of you has come here for your OWN lessons. But you are all one in the pluralness. You are all one in the love that Is. We invite you to center yourself within who you truly be, your higher self, the soul that you are… center yourself there. Feel that love that you be. Bring to mind the one who you are having issues with, who you cannot necessarily speak the loving words with because they are met with such resistance. Bring them to mind. Bring to mind who they truly be at their core, as they come forth into this expression for their own lessons. Have a loving conversation. From this space you can say the things, you can let out whatever you need to let out in that space. But we believe that you will be drawn to loving connection, higher self connection.

“Look, I know we came here together to help one another. I’m loving me and I hope you will love you. But in my love I’m going to be surrounded by that which loves me. And I hope that you will come into resonance with me, but if you don’t, Enjoy your journey. I send you love. I appreciate you for being here.”

Whatever your conversation may be, it is more about the feeling place of being in connection and recognizing they are not just that physical expression in front of you. And you do not have to keep pushing against them, or allowing them to push against you if they are pushing against you.

Fall back, into love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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From your higher self, from your elemental self, from your true self, from the “being that you be when you are not being physical”… and the being that you still be along with the physical… but the being that you be through eternity… THIS BEING has chosen to play in this way. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)


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We will say that your concept of time is a fun one to play with – that it “needs time” to grow, or it “needs time” to work out, and we will say to you, that Time is fully an experience of those of you in physical.
Time is not an element that need be played with from Spirit. From your spirit self, from the pluralness of all spirit, there is no time.
The time is part of the construct of physicality and when you are playing as a Triune Being, when you are more fully connecting with your higher self, Time from your physical perspective becomes much more malleable.
And when you are understanding from your spirit self, when you are in full flow and alignment, and you can feel that alignment with your higher self, when you are – ah, when things in your life are clicking, when you are zinging along, everything seems to be going right, when you are feeling great joy, when you are feeling great love!… any of these moments – when you are FEELING the purity, the fullness of your connection with you higher self, which always exhibits as those highest vibrations of love, appreciation, joy… when you are THERE, you are TIMELESS.
And so, when you allow yourself to be there more and more often – and certainly it is not expected of you to be consistently in that space from your physical perspective – but when you are there more and more often, when you consciously find the way to bring yourself into those spaces, ah, then you are in the True Power that exists with your Connection to Spirit, to the Divine.
And so, the thing that you are wanting to create in your physical experience – the doorway is OPEN when you are There. The doorway is open. ~Aaron Connection

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