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Open, open, open, open wider.
When you feel yourself holding back, open wider.
When you feel yourself being stuck, we invite you to move. We invite you to open to the fresh air, we invite you to open to the connections that surround you. We invite you to open to the possibilities.
You feel us tugging you, you feel us guiding you, opening doors. When the doors are open, step through the doorway. ~Aaron

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YES. Yes. And we LOVE the words that you used of: vibrational memory. It is exactly that.

And when you tune into those words, they will play a melody through your body that you will recognize.

And we invite you to… and we know where Stephanie has done this before, ah we know where many of you have done this before – where you feel these vibrational memories, you have this sense of knowing, and yet you have your physical perspective holding you back from admitting the full knowing that you have.

And we invite you to just play with that – to just allow yourself to feel it (…) What we would invite you to do, we would invite you to meditate on this, to feel your way into this position, into this space of vibrational memory that you have.

We invite you to write it out. We invite you to write it all out. Try not to censor yourself.

When the knowings feel too fantastical, too unreal for your – we invite you to go ahead and let it out. Write it out. Write everything that comes to you and then…

You have great knowings that you are holding back on with this. And it is so much fun – so much fun to play with this.

And you placed this here for yourself. Yes. Yes.

Great fun with this one.

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